23 oct, 2018

Giving away ham for Christmas

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Hello! How was your day?

Today I'm telling you how and why giving away ham for Christmas. I will explain why ham is the perfect gift, at any time and in any context. It's a guaranteed success!

how give ham present christmas serrano iberico

To know how to choose the perfect piece for the perfect occasion is fundamental for the ham to be a success. Do you want to know more about how to choose it? I tell you:

  • The format to give the ham: Depending on your purpose and your needs, this may vary. If you want ham for a party, possibly a whole piece will be the best option. However, if you want ham for an event, the best option would be sliced.

  • Which is your budget: The budget is another of the main factors that may affect the decision to choose the perfect piece. We have products adapted to any sort of budget. Contact us if you want help to choose the perfect piece.

  • Who is the recipient: According to who is the recipient of such a precious gift, a VIP client of a company is not the same as my favorite mother-in-law. We may help you, we have a lot of experience in making any kind of gift.

  • In what kind of occasion or event the ham will be consumed: It is not the same to buy a ham for a family meeting, than for a meeting of friends or for a business dinner.


The gift-ham has many and varied possibilities, depending on the purpose of the gift, the budget and the recipient. We can assure you it will be the most appreciated and remembered gift!

Buy ham, you will succeed this Christmas!

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