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This Iberico Bellota Shoulder, 100% Pata Negra Iberian Breed, has been made in the area of ​​Castilla y León and has more than 24 months of curying time. This pure Iberian piece belongs to the front leg of the pig, which has been fed on acorns and natural pastures. Castilla y León is one of the main producing areas of Iberico 100% Pata Negra products...

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56.58 €/kg

The 100% pure ibérico Bellota ham from Guijuelo (Salamanca) pata negra is a ham of the highest quality with 3-years curing time. These hams are cured in the area of Guijuelo (Salamanca) where the characteristic climate makes hams of mild flavour, slightly sweet and fruity aromas. Their meat colour is deep red. Fat is transparent white, with creamy texture...

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13.9 €/kg

The Chorizo "spicy" from León is made from smoked, cured pork meat. It’s dark red colour and it has a characteristic strong aroma. Its intense flavour and strong texture is typically from the Castilian countryside, the Chorizo from León is valued and well known all over the Spanish geography. The presentation is in a horseshoe, with attached ends and...

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13.6 €/kg

The Gran Reserva Seleccion ham is the hind leg of the white Spanish pig fed with natural compound feed. The traditional curing process takes more than 20 months. During this time our hams dry slowly inside the “bodegas”, natural cellars, to reach a balance bouquet. Juicy flavor and texture, with a slightly intense touch and long curing process. Click...

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The foldable Ham Holder Mod. Duero is the ideal tool for ham enthusiasts. This ham holder has all the features expected, its base is wide and made of solid wood with non-slip surface to provide great stability.  This ham holder incorporates a rotating grip sistem which allows to adapt the hamholder to various positions making it realy easy to turn the Ham...

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The Iberian Cebo shoulder ham is the foreleg of an Iberian pig fed with natural compound feed and grass. Traditional production process and curing period for more than 18 months. Guaranteed Iberico ham from Extremadura. We take very good care of all the process to offer you the best iberico Cebo shoulder ham you can eat!!! Better sliced? See the Sliced...

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50 reviews

The seleccion of Spanish cheeses is a Jamonarium pack of our best cheeses. The assortment contains six cheeses (portions or small whole pieces) of our best cheeses. We recommend the selection of Spanish cheeses for lovers of quality cheese. It is perfect for preparing cheese boards, tapas and snacks. Ideal to accompany with a good red wine.

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19.75 €/kg

The Sobrassada (majorcan sausage) Superior IGP La Luna, is the selection of best meat pig from Majorca island, feed with natural products.  The meat is combined with the best paprika and sea salt, and after the optimal period of curing, get the best sobrassada (majorcan sausage) able to satisfy the most discerning palates.

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99 €/kg

Iberian Bellota shoulder ham sliced is the front leg of the iberian pig, free-ranged and feed with acorns. It is sliced and vacuum-packed right after ordering it, for preservation reasons. Plenty of flavour and scent, it is ready to serve anywhere, any time. Easy-opening packs. High proteins content. 100% mediterranean diet.

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46.65 €/kg

The Bellota Iberian Lomo is one of the most appreciated parts of Iberian pig fed on acorns. Its thinness layers of fat marbled into the iberian meat comes from the acorn diet of the pig. This is a quality feature of the authentic lomo Iberico bellota .The  Iberian Bellota Lomo is one of the finest parts of the iberian pig, it is very well known and...

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76.9 €/kg (Promo 69.21 €/kg)

The 100% Iberico Bellota Cinco Jotas (5j) Jabugo ham pata negra comes from the area of Huelva. The pig has been fed exclusively with acorns and natural pastures. Its curying period is long, which makes it of a very high quality. These hams have been cured in the area of Jabugo (Huelva) where the hottest summers make this ham of an intense flavor and an...

471,89 € 524,32 € -10%
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166 €/kg

The Bellota 100% Ibérico "Pata Negra” Shoulder (Jabugo, Huelva) is the product of highest quality with over 24 months curing time. These shoulders are cured in the area of Jabugo (Huelva), where warm summers make hams and shoulders of strong flavor and juicy texture. Their meat colour is deep red and its fat is transparent white. It is an exceptional...

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39.9 €/kg

The boneless Iberian Cebo shoulder is the best option to enjoy at home the best iberian  pata negra shoulder ham with no bone nor fat. Easy to cut, easy to store. The traditional production process and the curing time for more than 18 months make an outstanding product among the Iberian shoulder hams.Presented in a whole vacuum packed piece.

87,05 €
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64.9 €/kg

Iberico de cebo shoulder whole sliced, boneless and cut into slices. Comfortable and ideal format to avoid having to cut, just open and eat it! The whole sliced shoulder consists of: 15 sachets of ham cut vacuum packed 100 gr. 1 bone in 3 or 4 pieces.

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The traditional Catalan dried sausage is one of our most popular and valued products, this fantastic cured sausage is made with top quality lean meat, stuffed into natural casings and marinated with salt and pepper. The traditional Catalan dried sausage has been cured in natural drying rooms in the darkness until the optimum point is achieved. This dried...

6,27 €
57 reviews

Buy Pata negra ham, Iberico Bellota & Serrano. Best ham from Jabugo, Guijuelo, Extremadura & los Pedroches

We are experts in Pata negra iberico ham. The best jamon pure Pata Negra.

More than 30 years of experience selling Iberico Bellota ham (Pata negra) and Serrano ham in all its formats. Specialists in hams and shoulders acorn-fed 100% Iberico Pata negra. Maximum quality in each type of ham and shoulder, with good prices. The best jamon from Jabugo, Guijuelo, Extremadura & Los Pedroches. The best ham brands: Jamonarium, Cinco Jotas 5J, Joselito, Beher, Covap, etc.

How to buy Spanish Pata Negra iberico Bellota ham online

In Jamonarium you can buy the best Spanish ham online. We are specialists in Bellota 100% Iberico Pata Negra ham for more than 40 years now. Selling Spanish ham is a matter of trust and our customers know it. For more than 10 years, we are a the shopping reference on Pata Negra Ham in Europe. You can also purchase at Jamonarium chorizo, cheese, olive oil, seafood, gourmet products, ham holders, knives and a good selection of Spanish wines. All the products in our store are our recommendations.

Buying Iberico or Serrano ham online and receiving it at home in 24h with Jamonarium is very easy. We offer total guarantee, we are selling hams online throughout Europe more than 10 years now. We are at your disposal to answer any questions or to advice about our products.

The Iberico Bellota Pata Negra ham is produced in 4 areas of Spain. The most renowned Iberian area is the area of Jabugo (Huelva), where hams have an intense flavor thanks to its hot summers and its good job of the ham masters. Pata Negra iberian hams and shoulders from the area of Guijuelo (Salamanca) are of a slightly softer intensity but with a great fruity aroma. A delight for the senses. In the area of Extremadura is where a large amount of Bellota Iberian hams from Spain are produced due to its pastures, spread all over the community. Los Pedroches (Córdoba), we get hams with a great personality and flavour.

The most important to buy a good Iberian ham online is for the person who selects it, who should be a ham specialist. There are no identical hams, although they may carry the same label.

As well as our products, we propose you the biggest Spanish ham Wiki-Library with all the information about Iberico Pata Negra and Serrano ham and the best gourmet gastronomy from Spain.

Information about the Spanish ham, the iberian called "Pata negra" and the Serrano. You'll fins curiosities about the breeding of the tipiccal race of Spain, the iberian pig which is called Pata negra because of its black hoof. For further questions contact us here.

Check the different parts of the Spanish ham. You know which is the part more juicy? Or what about the best part to cut the at the end not to dry? What are those white spots in the Bellota iberan ham?

How to buy a good Spanish ham online? : Clarify all your questions about how to purchase a Pata negra ham on the Internet, how to pay, the shipping proces, the delivery, etc.

The Spanish ham Wiki-Library here

We are experts in iberico Pata Negra ham & Spanish sausages

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