Does vacuum-packaging takes away quality from my ibérico ham?


Today, we explain how we vacuum-pack our products so that they retain all their quality until their consumption.

First of all, you should know hams have no expiration date bit if it has a preferred consumption date.

Which is the difference?

  • Expiration date is indicated in products that are very perishable and with some microbiological risk. This is fresh meat and fish. If they are not consumed in a few days, they will be spoiled because bacterias will appear. As you can imagine, consuming this type of products after its expiration date means a risk to your health.

  • Preferred date of consumption is indicated in longer duration products. (Like our hams, which has been already cured previously to extend their preservation). This means that, if we go beyond the indicated date, the food will only lose some of its properties.

What is the preferred consumption date of hams and shoulders?

For the whole piece, (without being started) its preferred consumption date is about a year, but it will mainly depend on the healing. Meanwhile, sliced ​​ham when vacuum packed will last approximately 6 months. You should know that when buying your vacuum-packed ham it may be vacuum-packed at more or less pressure. Sometimes for products to be consumed almost immediately it is packaged with little pressure so that the slices will be less glued.

Vacuum-packing only has advantages, the food maintains its texture and flavor since there is no oxidation. With the absence of air, the hygiene of the product is absolute. You can keep your ham at room temperature for a few days. If you are going to keep your sliced ham for long periods, it is better to keep it in the fridge at constant temperature, but remember getting it out the fridge some time before consuming it you will have to let it "air", so that it recovers its ideal temperature and sweat. If you see it in the fridge and you think that maybe you could freeze it, even if it's not necessary, it won't last long!

What should you do if any of your sachet lost its vacuum?

If you have noticed that one of your sachets is no longer as sealed as it should, take out the ham from the plastic, and wrap it in waxed paper (like the one given in the butchers) or in aluminum, and of course, start enjoying it as soon as possible!


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