Más Tarrés (Olis Solé)

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Extra virgin olive oils and olives Más Tarrés (Olis Solé) come from Tarragona and their origins date back to the first half of the 20th century. The Mas Tarrés EVOO and Mas Tarrés organic EVOO have been made with Arbequina olives, that can be purchased individually or in boxes. Más Tarrés EVOO are considered among the best in the world, having even received several recognitions that accredit it throughout 2020. Ester Solé extra virgin olive oil is also made exclusively with Arbequina variety olives. These olive oils have the distinctive D.O. Siurana, which covers the oils produced in the Priorat region, more specifically those produced in the Camp de Tarragona area. To know more about extra virgin olive oils and Mas Tarrés (Olis Solé) olives here.