1. Shipping

How much are the shipping costs? When my order will be delivered?

We do not make bussines with the shipping fares. We negotiate with the best couriers to have your order delivered fast and save.

We concentrate our efforts in having the best prices for the top quality products all year round.

Check delivery fares here or just add products to cart and fill in the delivery address.

***TNT***             5  kg                    10 kg                   15 kg                  20 kg                  25 kg        More
Spain (mainland) (24/48h)67,11€9,86€13,88€19,35€ See cart or contact us
Balearic islands and Portugal (2/3 days)11,74€15,43€20,45€22,87€26,98€ See cart or contact us

Zone 1 (2-4 days)

Germany, France (mainland), Bélgium, Holland, Great Britain, Italy (mainland), Austria, Luxemburgo

19,48€22,35€26,74€29,58€38,70€ See cart or contact us

Zone 2 (4-6 days)

Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Checz Republic, Slovenia, Slovakia

23,91€28,79€32,82€44,27€48,30€ See cart or contact us

Zone 3 ( 4-7 days)

Croatia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Greece, Rumania, Bulgary, Hungary, Corsiga (FR), Sicily (IT), Sardinia (IT), Monaco, Malta

32,65€38,12€43,67€50,99€53,92€ See cart or contact us

Zone 4 (4-7 days) (VAT Excluded)


36,20€39,34€45,12€53,79€62,56€ See cart or contact us

**** DHL Express 24-48h ****                         1.5 Kg                      3 Kg                 5 Kg                 8 Kg                 10 Kg                       More

Zone 1

Germany, France (mainland), Belgium, Holland, United Kingdom, Italy (mainland), Austria, Luxemburg

15.73€19.36€26.62€43.56€56.87€See cart or contact us

Zone 2

Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Slovakia

19.36€21.78€26.62€44.77€65.34€See cart or contact us

Zone 3

Croatia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Corsica (FR), Sicily (IT), Sardinia (IT), Monaco, Malta

25.41€27.83€31.46€47.19€67.76€See cart or contact us

Zone 4


See cart or contact usSee cart or contact usSee cart or contact usSee cart or contact usSee cart or contact usSee cart or contact us

For shipments over 30Kg see directly in the cart or contact us.

Rates including VAT.

We do not ship to the Canary Islands, Ceuta, Melilla, Norway, islands Channel, Azores, Madeira, Croatia islands and other islands and non-mainland territories.

Delivery times presented here are based on average times, on labour weekdays and in normal circumstances. Are not taken into account exceptional situations like strikes, extreme weather, block borderlands, etc. For Christmas, Easter or in the month of August can be delayed a day or two shipments.

All orders placed before 12am on a weekday leaves our facility the same day provided it is in stock. This means that placing an order after 12h is like ordering the following morning, for the calculation of delivery time.

2. Delivery

How will your order be delivered? The shipping process

These are the steps to follow from your order leaves our warehouse onwards:

  • The courier company will send your order to their branch distribution centre closet to your home or to the other address requested by you.
  • From there, the courier company will go to your delivery address. If you are absent, they will leave a notice and they will contact you. You'll be delivered again or the packet will be hold in the ofice to be picked up.
  • If the order can't be delivered in 5 days, it will be return to our facilities.

After each delivery attempted, the courier will contact you by telephone or by a note. It is very important to provide us with your telephone number , so that the courier company may contact you immediately.

presentation shipping process whole ham shoulder

How long does your delivery takes?

The delivery times stated below are based on working days and on normal road trafic conditions. Occasionally, there may be a small delay for reasons beyond our control (strikes, accidents, extreme weather, etc.). For Christmas and August time it could take one or two days longer.

Any order placed before 12 in the afternoon during working days (normally from Monday to Friday) can be send the same day. This means, an order placed after 12 am is like ordering the next morning.

For big orders of sliced or debonned products the shipping could be delayed one or two days.

Where is your order now?

Once we deliver your order to the courier company, we will send you an email with the following information:

  • Details about your order.
  • A link to the website of the courier company with a code to track the status of your order.

What should you do if your order is delayed?

If your order is delayed more than two-day of the foreseen schedule, please contact us so that we can solve the problem as quickly as possible and inform you immediately.

What happens if you are not at home when the courier comes?

The courier will contact you to agree on a new delivery schedule.

Why has your order been returned?

Your order will be returned to our facility for any of the following reasons:

  • After unsuccessfully attempts of delivery and 5 days in the courier ofice.
  • You reject it when delivered
  • Because some damage was caused to your product during the transport process

3. Quality Guarantee

What is a quality certification?

Our philosophy is transparency. That’s why all our products are guaranteed and certified to offer the best quality at the best price.

The quality certification is performed by companies authorized by the competent Official Authorities, to ensure the quality of the product specified on the label. These companies are always external to the processing companies to prevent any influence.

What proportion of fat and bone has a ham and a shoulder ham?

A ham contains approximately a 50% of fat, bone and hoof.

A shoulder ham contains approximately a 60% of fat, bone and hoof.

Before any shipment we examine the product. However, if you find out your ham is not up to your expectations, as per our quality guarantee, please stop eating it and send it back to us. We will change it for another one or we’ll return your money back, following our money back guarantee.

Ranges of weights on whole hams and products in pieces

The hams and shoulder hams with a specific weight may be more or less (+-)200gr from the announced weight.

For the products in pieces, ham or sausage, the ranges of weight may be more or less (+-)100gr from the announced weight.

The weight of the sliced products is expressed in drained weight, with corresponds between 85 and 90 net grams.

whole ham shoulder fat bone proportion

4. Money back guarantee

Can you return a product?

You can return your product if your receive a wrong product, it’s damage or any of the returning conditions is acomplished.

What should you do to return a product?

Please contact us indicating:

  • Order number.
  • What product you want to return and what the problem is.
  • Would you prefer to change the product for another one or would you prefer to get the money back?

Conditions for returning a product:

  • The return communication must be sent to us within 10 days after reception of the product.
  • The return must be in the original packaging.
  • The product returned must weigh at least 85% of original weight.
  • Once we have received your message we will show you how to return the product. 

When we receive the returned product, we will send you a similar one or we will refund the amount you paid if it meets the return conditions. Otherwise, the product will be send back to the customer who will have to support the shipping costs. If there’s no reply from the customer in the coming 5 days, we will understand that there is no interest in the product, so it will be destroyed.

To know more about money-back guarantee click here

5. How to schedule your delivery?

To store certain products for you and not shipping right after your order, but in a specific date, follow these steps:

  1. Make the purchase in our online store today.
  2. In the cart, before end with the order process, you could introduce a comment about your shipment preferences. Write down a note saying the approximate date when you want your parcel to be delivered (with a margin of 1 day).
  3. Once end with the payment process of your order, send a message through the form with the order number and date of delivery.
  4. We will confirm you with an email that your order will be sent on your request.
  5. At time to ship your order, you will receive an email with the confirmation of your shipping.
  6. You will receive your order on the requested days.

You could reserve the products and make sure the stock in tight dates, as it is Christmas time, and so forget about to make your order just the days before the desire delivery date.

Also, if you are in a hotel, or if your order is a birthday gift for a friend, it will be useful to schedule our order.

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