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Buying Organic Monofloral and Mixed-Flower Honey Online

At Jamonarium, you can find sweets such as nougats and organic honeys online. You can purchase various types of organic monofloral and mixed-flower honey online. Some of the monofloral and mixed-flower honeys available at Jamonarium are organic and made from flower nectar. All our organic honeys are environmentally friendly and produced in harmony with the natural surroundings of the regions where they are crafted.

Buying Organic Honey

Some of the honeys you can find at Jamonarium are organic. Our honeys have been done without additives, colorants or preservatives, respecting the natural making process. Additionally, all our honeys are made using only local nectars. The organoleptic characteristics of each type of honey are determined by the type of nectar collected by the bees.

Buying Organic Monofloral Honey

Monofloral honey is a type of honey that comes solely from one type of flower nectar. At Jamonarium, you can find organic monofloral honey made from heather, mountain flowers, lavender, and rosemary. All monofloral honeys originate from the regions of Palencia and Ourense.

Buying Organic Mixed-flower Honey

Mixed-flower honey is a type of honey that comes from the nectar of various types of flowers. This organic honey variety is produced in Mediterranean areas due to the abundance of flowers and plants in such climates. The name "Mixed-flower honey" comes from the mixture of different pollen types in this honey, although the composition may vary each year and depending on the production area. It is known for its intense flavor and dark color.

Why Consuming Organic Honey?

Organic honey offers numerous health benefits, making it highly recommended for regular consumption. Among its health benefits, we find that it is rich in nutrients and antioxidants, contains vitamins, possesses anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties, and helps prevent cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, and neurological diseases.

Other Sweets

In addition to honey, Jamonarium offers various other sweets, including chocolates and nougats like Alicante nougat, Jijona nougat, chocolate nougat, crema catalana nougat, almond nougat, and an assortment of christmas sweets. These sweets can be purchased individually, in packs, Christmas hampers for companies, and product bundles, making them perfect for gifting.