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Buy La Luna sausages here. You can find organic black sobrasada, superior sobrasada, spicy superior sobrasada and organic spicy black sobrasada. All sobrasadas have the distinctive PGI Sobrasada de Mallorca. Sobrasada is a typical product of the Majorca area. We can find sobrasada in a variety of Iberian pork and black pork from Mallorca. This product has been made using cured pork meat, adding paprika which makes it acquire this characteristic color. Sobrasada is a very complete food at a nutritional level. Among its qualities, it should be noted that it is very rich in vitamins of group a, b and e, and has a high content of minerals. The origin of this product comes from ancient history, when it came to finding a method to preserve food for long periods of time. To know more about sobrasada from Mallorca at the best price here online.