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Buy Nougat Online

At Jamonarium, you can find sweets like honey and nougat online. You can buy various types of nougat, chocolates, and mantecados here online. Some of the nougats you can find at Jamonarium have the IGP Turrón de Jijona label, guaranteeing their quality and origin.

Buy Nougat from Alicante

At Jamonarium, we sell Turron de Alicante and Turron de Alicante cake. This type of turron is characterized by its hard texture, containing almonds, and its distinctive wafer that makes it unmistakable. You can also find Nougat with Marcona almonds, which is known for its delicate flavor and larger size. This product is perfect for turron enthusiasts due to its characteristic texture and the distinctive almond taste.

Buy IGP Jijona Nougat

At Jamonarium, we sell traditional Jijona turron and Turron de Jijona with almonds. All our Jijona turrones have the IGP Turrón de Jijona label, recognizing the quality and origin of the typical turrones from the Alicante region. This type of turron is known for its soft, fine, and creamy texture and its distinctive flavor of almonds and honey. Jijona turron is a must-have dessert on any table during Christmas celebrations.

Buy Chocolate Nougat

At Jamonarium, we sell chocolate turron and pure chocolate. Additionally, we also have chocolate turron with almonds and crunchy chocolate turron. Chocolate turron is perfect for the whole family and will especially delight the little ones. This typical chocolate turron is of the highest quality and is a must-have at any Christmas celebration, accompanied by some liquor or coffee beverage.

Buy Almond Nougat

At Jamonarium, you can find almond nougat and milk chocolate with almonds. The milk chocolate and almond turron is of the highest quality with a hard and crunchy texture and a notable flavor of these ingredients. This chocolate with milk and almond nougat is perfect for all audiences and is a favorite among chocolate lovers.

Buy Christmas Hampers with Nougat

At Jamonarium, you can find Christmas hampers for employees, friends, and clients. You can find Christmas hampers with nougat including whole and sliced ham, assorted nougat packs, gifts with nougat, packs by brand, and Christmas hampers with nougats and sweets. These product packs and lots are perfect for gifting to employees, clients, partners, friends, or family during Christmas.

Why Buying nougats at Jamonarium?

The turrones we have at Jamonarium are of the highest quality and are from Alicante. We have Alicante Nougat, Jijona Nougat, crunchy chocolate nougat, chocolate nougat with almonds, crema catalana nougat, and nougats with Marcona almonds. Some of our nougats have the IGP label, guaranteeing their origin and quality.

Other Sweets

Among the other sweets you can find at Jamonarium, you can find organic mountain honey, mixed-flower honey, and monofloral honey. Additionally, you can find lavender monofloral honey and rosemary monofloral honey. You can buy our sweets individually, in packs, in Christmas lots for companies, and packs of products, perfect for gifting.