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Gift packs, gourmet packs and Christmas hampers

  1. Give a Spanish ham, you'll succes
  2. Why a Spanish pack gift?
  3. Presentation of the gift packs and hampers
  4. Who want a gift pack?
  5. Our gift packs, hampers and gourmet packs

We present you information about gift packs, gourmet packs and Christmas hampers.

Give ham and you will succeed. A gift for Christmas, birthdays, clients, etc.

If you have any questions please contact us or call our customer service telephone.

Contact us and we will send you a customized Chishtmas hamper for you company

1. Give a Spanish ham, you'll succes 


Do you need to make a gift to a relative or a friend? You don't have the clue about what to give? Do you want to thank with a gift your doctor or neighbor? Do you want reward a very special customer of your company?

Give Spanish ham! Everybody likes good ibérico ham? Undoubtedly Spanish ham is one of the most appreciated gifts in Spain, UK, Germany and in the rest of Europe. Jamonarium sends Spanish products to Europe, see information about shipping and transportation.

Our packs

10 reasons to give a Spanish ham:

  • Everyone likes ham, in Madrid, Paris, Stockholm and Berlin.
  • It is a healthy food, rich in vitamins and oleic acid.
  • It is a gift to share with family or friends and we like to share the good things in life.
  • A whole ham or shoulder ham is a stunning gift, has a significant presence.
  • There are hams with different prices & weights to suit your budget.
  • We use all parts of the ham, even the bone for soup.
  • A ham lasts and lasts, and remember every time they cut a slice... they'll think on you!
  • It is a gift that does not break, it will arrive perfect.
  • It is a unique product of Spanish cuisine, the Iberico ham is only breed in Spain.
  • We give what we like the most and.... What is the gift you would like to receive? A Spanish ham!

10 reasons give ham

2. Why a Spanish pack gift?


The gift packsgourmet packs and Christmas hampers are different selections of products that we thought you may be interested in. They are selected with care and they are perfectly presented in a gift box.

If you can assemble customized gift packs with the products you prefer. Contact us and we will find out which is the perfect pack for you.

Contact us 
and we will propose some options.


why giving hampers packs christmas

3. Presentation of the gift packs and hampers


Gift packs are presented in a rigid carton wood style box with carrying handle. Inside whole hams are presented wrapped and decorated with colored decorative mesh.


The products are cut into pieces and vacuum packed to preserve their aroma and flavor.



The packs of 3 or 6 bottles of wine or champagne are presented in special boxes for transport. They are individually wrapped boxes for bottles to prevent breakage during shipping.


See our information about presentation of our products.

See our information on transport and shipping.

presentation hams shoulders

presentation sliced boneless ham

presentation wine cavas boxes packs

4. Who want a gift pack?

Christmas hampers : The best gifts

Christmas is the best time to give friends, family or colleagues with a Christmas gift. These days, where special meals and family dinners are so important, are so perfects to give a Spanish ham gift to be shared. The perfect Christmas gift!

It is also at Christmas when we would like to send a little piece of "home" to the person who now lives away from... family, friends... from home.

Ham is the quintessential Spanish dish and anyone who has been on holidays to Spain would do anything for a few slices of ham ... good iberico ham!

In you can buy all those products that remind you of Spain at a very competitive price. We ship Spanish ham and other products throughout Europe (France, Germany, Italie, UK, Belgique, Austria, Portugal, Suede, Finland, Denmark, etc.).

hampers christmas presents

Gift packs for your company: ideal present for clients and workers

In the business world always comes a day when you have to make a special gift to a good customer, a perfect partner or a trusted provider.

With our trustworthy products and especially with our "Pata Negra" hams and Iberico Bellota hams you'll have the absolute certainty that your gift will like and will be shared with family and friends.
If you are looking for that unique gift, stylish, top quality one, your gift is an Iberian Bellota ham, the best 100% Bellota ham and traditional curing over 36 months. Do not hesitate, add a few bottles of wine, cava or champagne and you have the best gift for someone special.

If you want a special wine that we don't have it in our catalog, contact us and you'll find it.

lots regal nadal empresa

Original gift packs for a birthday or a wedding

There are celebrations like birthdays or weddings where most gift are similar and borring. If you want to give an original and innovative gift, give a Spanish ham or shoulder ham and be sure it your gift will impact.
There is nothing better than a gift that can be shared with loved ones on the day of celebration or a dinner later recalling the moments lived.

hampers birthday wedding packs

Gourmet gift packs and samples

Before ordering a Christmas hamper maybe you want to taste our product and see what are the differences between a type of ham and another. For that we prepared tasting assortments to test the products we offer.

Assorted tasting samples

Our Christmas hampers

5. Our gift packs, hampers and gourmet packs

In we offer a wide range of items and gift packs so you can select the one that suits you better. If you do not find yours please contact us and we will customize a pack for you.

Packs whole ham

Packs with bone in ham or shoulder ham are ideal for lovers of hand-cut ham. We have packs and hampers with various combinations of products and kinds of ham. If you are looking for large quantities of packs for Christmas for your company contact us and we will manage your order directly.


packs whole piece ham shoulder

Mix product pack 

Our gourmet deli packs consist of high quality, typical of Spanish products.

Sliced packs

If you want to taste the different types of ham and shoulder ham, or you want pack of sliced Iberico, check the sliced packs.

All our products are sliced vacuum packed for optimal conservation and to bring home all its aroma and flavor.

mix varied tasting packs

Our products

  • Ham

    Buy hams and shoulders here online. We sell 100% Iberico hams and shoulders Bellota, Pata Negra, Gran Reserva, Bellota, Cebo de Campo, Cebo and Gran Reserva Selección. Whole, boneless, sliced ​​and whole sliced ​​Iberian and Serrano hams and shoulders from Guijuelo (Salamanca), Jabugo (Huelva) and Extremadura. Our catalog also includes Cinco Jotas (5j), Beher, COVAP and Joselito hams and shoulders at the best price and of the highest quality. All our pieces have long curing periods and are carefully selected to offer the best value for money. Find out more about our hams and shoulders here.

  • Sausages
  • Accessories
  • Dried Beef
  • Gourmet
  • Oil and vinegar
  • Cheeses

    Buy manchego cheeses online. We sell whole, quarter and wedge of cheeses; of sheep's milk, goat's milk and mix of milks. In our catalog you will find Viriato gran reserva, añejo and cremoso Manchego cheeses made with raw sheep's milk. The main difference between these cheeses is the maturation time. We can also find cheeses made exclusively from sheep's milk, such as the Ardiona Roncal cheese made from smoked sheep's milk or the cured cheese made from pure Rosario Castaño sheep's milk. We also have goat milk cheeses such as Sant Gil d’Albió or Gran Pep and mixed cheeses of goat, sheep and cow milk such as Flor de Guadamur. All our cheeses have a long maturation time, which makes them considered of the highest quality and with an intense flavor.

  • Wines
  • Gifts

    Buy hampers and baskets online. We sell hampers and baskets of varied products, ideal to give to family or friends here online. Hampers with Iberico, serrano and Pata Negra whole, boneless, sliced and whole sliced hams. Assorted hampers with cold cuts such as chorizo, lomo and sausage, cheese or wine. They may also include accessories such as ham holders, knives and sharpeners, and other products such as oils and preserves of gourmet seafood and fish pates. Christmas hampers and baskets of various products are perfect to give to your company's employees, for a wedding to family and friends or as a Christmas gift. They are assorted of varied products at the best price and perfect for any occasion. See more about Christmas hampers and gifts here.