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Buy canned fish and seafood Ramón Peña here, that can be purchased individually or in boxes. These canned fish and shellfish come from the Atlantic, more specifically from the Rías Gallegas. This is one of the most important canning in Galicia. Ramón Peña's most important cans are sardines, cockles, clams, mussels, eels, cod and hake roe. These cans are made in an artisanal way and the raw material has been carefully selected, manually and each piece is selected individually. The process of making Ramón Peña cans is done by cleaning the fish and then frying it, following the traditional production method. The pieces are classified by size. The sauce in which it is preserved is made with some basic ingredients in order to enhance its flavor. When they are packaged, the fried onion, garlic and tomato is added first, then the product is put and the pickle is put last. To know more about canned fish and seafood Ramón Peña here.