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Buy Mas Parés products here. The products that we have from Mas Parés are duck confit, duck foie gras block, natural goose foie gras block, duck foie gras block with figs, duck foie gras mousse, truffled natural goose foie gras, block of truffled duck foie gras, block of duck foie gras with orange marmalade and cointreau and block of duck foie gras with nougat from jijona. Mas Parés products are derived from duck and goose and are made in Gerona, more specifically in La Selva. For the elaboration of their products, they are subjected to controlled temperature processes and severe bacteriological controls. The products are made in independent rooms according to the type of product, the sauces they contain, among others, controlled by qualified experts. This company was founded in 1979 and was the first workshop in Spain to be approved by the European Union in the production of products derived from duck and goose. Their products have obtained several awards for quality and their elaboration. To know more about the conservation and consumption of our products here.