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Cantabrian Anchovies in olive oil Yurrita, the best anchovies in the Bay of Biscay, salted and dried to can it clean in perfect conditions. As a result we obtain meaty and tender anchovies with an excellent flavor and texture. Its aroma reminds us of a sterling "sea ham". Net Weight: 50g Drained Weight: 28g

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"Ventresca" Albacore tuna in olive oil Yurrita, the most delicious part of the albacore of the Cantabrian Sea. The "ventresca" is the triangular part of the belly's fish near the head. This area is pretty fine and fleshy texture. For its extremely delicate and intense flavor is considered a delicacy. Packaged hand-made on the traditional way. It is a very...

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Cantabrian Anchovies in extra virgin olive oil Arbequina Yurrita "Anchovy butterfly", tasty and delicate anchovy fillets from the Cantábrico, selected one by one and vacuum packed in olive oil Arbequina Extra Virgin. Net Weight: 150g Drained weight: 55g

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The White Tuna - Bonito del Norte SUMMUM of Yurrita in Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a canned fish that has plenty of nutrients of high biological value and a large supply of polyunsaturated fatty acids, phosphorus, vitamins B and D. It’s characterized by its white meat, its texture, smoother than the rest of its specie; and its delicious taste and it is the...

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The White Tuna in Escabeche Marinade of Yurrita is an exquisite product. Its main features are white flesh, exquisite taste and a smoother texture than the rest of the species. Only whole loins are used for processing. Once fried in olive oil, marinade is added, according to the traditional recipe that gives the canned fish aroma and inimitable touch of...

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The Trunk of White Tuna in Olive Oil Extra Virgin of Yurrita, comes from the whole loin of fishes caught in summer, one by one, using traditional fishing gear. It is characterized by its clear color, delicious flavor and soft texture. This premium product is obtained after the process of craftsmanship, tradition still retained by Yurrita, founded in...

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The soushed yellowfin tuna Yurrita is a delicious product obtained from the yellowfish, also well-known as “Yellow Fin or Thunnus Albacares”. The size of those fishes may exceed the 230 cm long and 200kg. Its meat is firm and light brown coloured. We advice to consume it at ambient temperatura, perfect for salads and appetizer with grilled or fresh bread...

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The Yurrita's albacore tuna in olive oil is such a delicious product. It is characteristic by its white color, smooth texture and its delicious touch of olive oil, making this product incomparable. To do this canned product, the product is filled and once fried, the olive oil is added. This gives an exclusive flavour to this delicious product, perfect for...

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