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Buy hams and shoulders from Salamanca

At Jamonarium we have been selling hams and shoulders from the Salamanca online for more than 40 years. You can find whole hams and shoulders with bone, whole boneless, boneless in pieces, sliced and whole sliced. The hams and shoulders of Salamanca are 100% Iberian Bellota Pata Negra and have long curing periods to guarantee the best quality ratio.

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Sale of hams and shoulders from Salamanca online to Europe

At Jamonarium you can buy whole, boneless and sliced hams and shoulders from Salamanca and send them anywhere in Europe. During the fattening season, the pigs are fed on acorns and grass and are raised in freedom. The kilometers they walk every day is what makes the intramuscular fat appear, which gives the ham a marbled appearance and a juicy texture. Here you can find more information about the hams and shoulders from Salamanca. If you have more questions regarding these hams and shoulders, contact us by phone, chat, whatsapp or e-mail.

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