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Buy sliced ​​hams and shoulders.

We sell sliced ​​hams and shoulders online of different types and qualities: Pata negra 100% Iberico, Bellota 50% Iberico, Cebo de campo, Cebo Iberico and Serrano Gran Reserva Selección. The sliced ​​hams come in 100g sachets and cut into thin slices for its consumption. All our sliced ​​ham products are selected at the ideal curing time so that they have the right flavor and texture. We send our vacuum-packed cut and sliced ​​hams and shoulders to all of Europe, ready to eat.

See types of sliced ​​hams: Serrano Ham - Cebo Iberico Ham - Cebo de Campo Ham - Bellota 50% Iberian Ham - Pata Negra Bellota 100% Iberian Ham

Sale of sliced ​​hams and shoulders online

Buy Jamonarium Iberian and Serrano hams and shoulders cut and sliced, Cinco Jotas 5J and Joselito Gran Reserva in our online store. In all our cut and sliced ​​Iberian hams you can see the characteristic grain. The marbling that is observed in Iberian hams and shoulders is the infiltrated fat in the muscle mass, which appears thanks to the kilometers that the Iberian pigs travel in the pastures. Find out more about Pata Negra 100% Iberico Bellota ham. At Jamonarium we sell top quality hams and shoulders online.

If you need advice to choose the best sliced ​​ham or the best sliced ​​shoulder, do not hesitate to contact us and we will advise you on the best ham at the best price online. Sliced ​​hams and shoulders from Guijuelo (Salamanca), Jabugo (Huelva) and Extremadura. We also sell chorizo ​​from León, Cecina from León, Manchego cheese, sobrassada from Mallorca, DO Idiazabal cheeses, Fuet de Vic at the best price online throughout Europe. You can also find more information about all our products in our library.

Buy Cinco Jotas sliced ​​ham. Buy Joselito Sliced ​​Ham. Buy sliced ​​ham from Jabugo. Buy sliced ​​ham from Extremadura. Buy Guijuelo sliced ​​ham