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The bud Fuet of Vic Casa Riera Ordeix is a cured sausage elaborated as it was done centuries ago, following the tradition of the best bud fuet of Vic and choosing the highest quality pork meat. It is a fuet of exceptional quality and outstanding aroma and flavour. With intense flavour and elaborated with natural products, this fuet of Vic is made and...

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Cured catalan little sausage (Secallona): Medium size (3 cm diameter). Cutting reveals mosaic of reddish tones – Thick natural white mold growth on casing. Lightly marinated cured meat characterises this most popular product. Optimum curing and a touch of pepper creates a balanced, subtle flavour with a spongy texture.

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The Fuet is a cured sausage, produced for centuries, following the traditional way to produce it.  Sausage in natural casing, has a 20-day cure, mild flavor. Love the little ones in the house. You can not ever miss breakfast or snack. 5 units minimum

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Appearance: Finger thin, curved into a horseshoe shape with a firm texture. When cut it reveals a lively, bright red face. Early white mold growth on casing Although rich in spices, the long curing process produces a mild flavour Suggestions: Pairs well with Jerez wines, Cavas and young red wines for aperitifs – accompanied by baby grissini breadsticks.

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The Sobrassada (majorcan sausage) Superior IGP La Luna, is the selection of best meat pig from Majorca island, feed with natural products.  The meat is combined with the best paprika and sea salt, and after the optimal period of curing, get the best sobrassada (majorcan sausage) able to satisfy the most discerning palates.

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The organic sobrassada (majorcan sausage) of black pig IGP La Luna, is made with organic paprika and black pig meat, raised in Majorca island bred on extensive farms in Mallorca and fed with natural products free from pesticides. With a natural curing process providing an aroma and flavor that make it excellent. We recommend consume Sobrasada spread on a...

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Buy more sausages online. Bud fuet, catalan sausage, fuet de vic, cigaleta from balaguer, sobrasada and beef cecina. Among these sausages are some of Casa Riera Ordeix, considered the best fuet in the world without gluten, without lactose and suitable for celiacs. Learn more about Casa Riera Ordeix here.