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Giving away ham for Christmas

Fecha: 23 oct, 2018 En: PataNegraOnline Comentario: 0 Golpear: 42
Hello! How was your day? Today I'm telling you how and why giving away ham for Christmas. I will explain why ham is the perfect gift, at any time and in any...

Christmas hampers for companies, book now!

Fecha: 06 sep, 2018 En: Category 1 Comentario: 0 Golpear: 270
It might seen too soon to book your chirstmas hampers for your company. You may be right, but Christmas is about to arrive and, from our experience,...

We have upgrade our website

Fecha: 17 ago, 2018 En: Category 1 Comentario: 0 Golpear: 269
We have not been able to wait for the new course entry to tell you that we have already launched the new version of Jamonarium.com. 

The ham benefits

Fecha: 24 may, 2014 En: Category 1 Comentario: 0 Golpear: 90
The Iberian ham is one basic element in the traditional mediterranean diet, well-known for their components full of healthy properties.

The Dehesa a unique ecosystem

Fecha: 24 nov, 2016 En: Root Comentario: 0 Golpear: 59
The Dehesa is the natural habitat of the Iberian pig, it is a unique ecosystem that is only found in the Iberian Peninsula (Spain). This large area that...

Sobrassada: a Balearic delicacy

Fecha: 19 jul, 2014 En: Category 1 Comentario: 0 Golpear: 68
Sausages are delicious, right? In sandwich, with some bread, some others with anything else... but today we are going to talk about a different sausage. I...

Varieties of olives in France

Fecha: 25 ene, 2017 En: Root Comentario: 0 Golpear: 145
France is the seventh country producing olive oil in the world. Even so, production is very scarce, barely covering 3.5% of French demand. The areas...

Sorts of Iberian Ham: we clear it up

Fecha: 27 ene, 2018 En: Category 1 Comentario: 0 Golpear: 370
Every Iberian ham is normally known as Jamón de Jabugo or Jamón de Pata Negra without taking into account the purity of the pig's breed. We're sorry to break...

The D.O. Huelva hams become DO Jabugo

Fecha: 12 mar, 2018 En: Sub Category 1 Comentario: 0 Golpear: 265
One of the great ham events on 2017 is the change of name of DO Huelva, which became DO Jabugo. This change includes ibérico de bellota and pata negra hams...
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