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Ist die Käseschale essbar?

Datum: 19 mar, 2019 In: Category 1 Kommentar: 0 Schlagen: 1739
Today we are going to tell you more about the rind of the cheese and our opinion about if it is edible or not.When cheeses are eaten, we may doubt if the...

Was ist der Montanera? Eichel und Mast

Datum: 05 nov, 2019 In: Category 1 Kommentar: 0 Schlagen: 4635
Today we want to talk about the last fattening period of Iberian pigs, famous as "Montanera".Montanera is very important to obtain an ibérico bellota high...

Italienische Schinken

Datum: 16 ene, 2015 In: Category 1 Kommentar: 0 Schlagen: 1523
When we speak about Italian hams, the word prosciutto immediately comes to our minds as it is the Italian term. In Italian gastronomy, it is common to find...

Das Mangalica-Schwein, das Schafsschwein

Datum: 15 jul, 2019 In: Category 1 Kommentar: 0 Schlagen: 2061
The mangalica pig may be one of the most popular pigs nowadays. Its atypical aesthetics has led it to be subject of debate throughout the internet, even been...

Frohe Weihnachten

Datum: 25 dic, 2018 In: Category 1 Kommentar: 0 Schlagen: 685
Jamonarium’s team want to wish you a Merry Christmas, in good company. We hope you enjoy Christmas time with family, friends and a good ham.

Wo fange ich den Schinken an?

Datum: 16 nov, 2018 In: Category 1 Kommentar: 0 Schlagen: 4362
There are several theories about how to start slicing ham or shoulder. Is it better to start slicing from the maza or the contramaza?  Which are the pros and...

Gib zu Weihnachten Schinken aus

Datum: 23 oct, 2018 In: PataNegraOnline Kommentar: 0 Schlagen: 461
Hello! How was your day? Today I'm telling you how and why giving away ham for Christmas. I will explain why ham is the perfect gift, at any time and in any...

Weihnachtskörbe für Firmen, jetzt buchen!

Datum: 06 sep, 2018 In: Category 1 Kommentar: 0 Schlagen: 2055
It might seen too soon to book your chirstm as hampers for your company. You may be right, but Christmas is about to arrive and, from our experience,...

Wir haben unsere Website aktualisiert

Datum: 17 ago, 2018 In: Category 1 Kommentar: 0 Schlagen: 1648
We have not been able to wait for the new course entry to tell you that we have already launched the new version of 

Warum wird Schweinefett auf Schinken geschmiert?

Datum: 03 abr, 2019 In: Root Kommentar: 0 Schlagen: 3295
The process of rubbing lard is one of the most common practices in hams. This is one of the most important steps during the maturing stage of ibérico de...

Französisch Schinken

Datum: 02 ene, 2019 In: Category 1 Kommentar: 0 Schlagen: 2886
Even if we speak about hams, the first one cames out to our minds is the Spanish ibérico de bellota. Anyway, there are several types of ham around the world...

Was bringen lange Heilungen zum Schinken?

Datum: 14 nov, 2018 In: Root Kommentar: 0 Schlagen: 3531
In order for the ham to fully develop its aroma and flavour, it will need a slow, long and natural cured. Long curing times have a fundamental role on the...
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