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Expressive, complex and elegant. With aromas of mountain herbs, spices and sweets.  Grenache Tinta 55%, Cabernet Sauvignon 45%, Merlot, Syrah   Aged between 18 and 20 months in French oak barrels  D.O.Qa. Priorat   14%  Parker: 94 / Peñin: 93  Roasted lamb, Roasts, Small game, Large game, Aged cheeses, Wild boar.

77,52 €

57.24 €/l

Ein Runder Rotwein, für Weinliebhaber immer ein sicherer Wert im Keller.  Tinta Fina, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot   Gereift während 12 Monate in Französische und Amerikanische Eichenfässern. Ein echter Ribera del Duero.  D.O. Ribera del Duero   14,5%   91 Punkte Parker/ 93 Punkte Peñin

35,48 €

27.33 €/l

Grape varieties: Tempranillo D.O. Ribera del Duero Aging: 12 months in French oak barrels

16,94 €


It is a top quality cava. In the mouth it is majestic, with a very fine bubble. It is creamy but slides nimble on the tongue.  Xarel·lo, Macabeo y Parellada    Aged for more than 40 months in bottle.  D.O. Cava   12%

19,00 €


Bulky and meaty. Vanilla, toast and spices. A pleasure to taste.  Cabernet Sauvignon 40%, Merlot 40%, Syrah 20%   Aged for 25 months in American oak barrels, 42 months in bottle over. Limited production of 2100 bottles about.  D.O. Somontano   14%  Peñin: 83  Pasta with fish sauce, Lamb stew, grilled red meats, Blue fish, Baked white fish.

13,55 €

18.62 €/l

Frisch und anhaltend. Guter Wein zum kombinieren mit Schinken.Dieser Rotwein ist für Weinliebhabern immer ein sicherer Wert im Keller.Weintyp und Jahr: Reserva Rebsorten: Tempranillo, Graciano und MazueloUrsprungsbezeichnung :RiojaWeinkellerei: Marqués de RiscalZubereitung: 26 Monate Reifung in amerikanischen Eichenfässern.Auszeichnungen / Bewertungen:...

13,06 €

18.62 €/l

Frisch und anhaltend. Guter Wein zum kombinieren mit Schinken.Dieser Rotwein ist für Weinliebhabern immer ein sicherer Wert im Keller. Tempranillo 90%, Graciano 7% y Mazuelo 3%   26 Monate Reifung in amerikanischen Eichenfässern  D.O. Rioja   14,2%  Peñin: 92/100; 

11,55 €

21.26 €/l

Elegant und Wohlschmeckend. Eine ausgezeichneter Rotwein aus der Ribera del Duero (Spanien).  Tempranillo 100%   Ausgewählte Ernte. Fünf Monate lang wurde der Wein in Französische Eichenfässern gereift.  D.O. Ribera del Duero   13,5%   Peñín: 90 / Parker: 89

13,20 €

The corkscrew Arcos is one of the most widely used in domestic and professional fields for their efficiency, durability and size. To make more comfortable the tasks of every daily life. Zinc Alloy 195 mm Dimensions: 50.5 x 8.5 x 8.5 cm Weight: 41 g

9,83 €


Fine and soft aroma, very tasty. Limited production. Made from a blend of wines carefully selected. Traditional presentation.  Macabeo, Xarel.lo, Parellada    Aged for 24 months in cava (cellar)  D.O. Cava   11,5%

6,94 €

15.28 €/l

Ein Genuss für den Gaumen. Dieser Rotwein ist bei Weinliebhabern immer ein sicherer Wert im Keller.  Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot und Syrah  Gereift während 12 Monate in Französische Eichenfässern,danach 24Monate mehr in Flaschen. Trauben von Hand geerntet.   2011  D.O. Somontano   14%  Peñin: 89

9,47 €


Sensual, mature with body. Magnific end with great persistence.  Tempranillo   Aged for 24-30 months in american oak barrels  D.O. Rioja   13,5%  Vegetables sauteed with ham, Slightly spicy meats, Traditional stews, Roast lamb.

9,01 €


Fleshy wine with intense color. Aromatic notes of oak and fresh fruits. Clean, neat, not plaster. Handpicked the first week of October, at dawn.  Parraleta 100%   Aged for 4 months in American oak barrels. Production of 3.994 bottles.  D.O. Somontano   12,5%

7,01 €

11.2 €/l

Zart und gut gebaut.  Tempranillo 80%, Mazuelo 15%, Graciano 5%   Heilungszeit von 24 bis 30 Monate in americanische Eichenfässern. Botellero mindestens 12 Monate vor der Vermarktung.   D.O. Ca.Rioja   13,5%  Penin: 89 Punkte

6,25 € 6,94 € -10%


Rebsorte geerntet in der ersten Woche im September. Manuelle Auswahl und traditionelle Weinbereitung. Kurzer Aufenthalt in amerikanischen Eichenfässern für 3-4 Monate. 100% Chardonnay aus "La Morera"    Weißwein  D.O. Somontano   13%

6,20 €

8.76 €/l

Agile wine. Ripe and succulent black fruit. Good acidity. Nice finish and spicy. Combination of aromas with slight shades of violet flower, very aromatic spices.  Syrah 100%   Young wine. Limited production of 4996 bottles  D.O. Somontano   14%   Peñin: 87  Rice with meat, Meats, Chocolate, Cold meat, Duck ham, Grilled vegetables, Pasta with meat sauce,...

5,43 €


Frischer Weißwein fruchtig und aromatisch. 15 Minuten vor dem servieren aus dem Kühlschrank herausnehmen und öffnen   Grenache Blanc, Macabeo   Jungwein  D.O. Empordà   12%

4,53 €


Grape varieties: 55% Xarel·lo, 35% Macabeo, 10% Parellada Aging bottle: average of 36 months

13,98 €

11.93 €/l

Dieser ausgezeichnete Weißwein ist bekannt als ein Weißwein mit frische Aromen und Geschmack nach Zitrusfrüchte.  Albariño 100%   Weißwein  D.O. Rías Baixas    12,5% Vorspeise vom Land.

7,40 €


Grape varieties: Macabeo, Parellada, Xarel·lo D.O. Cava Aging bottle: 36 months

45,04 €


Ruby colour with matured red fruits bouquet, potent and mineral, long ending  Syrah   Grapes harvested by hand and aged in barrels. French and americane oak during 30 months  D.O. Terra Alta  14,5   Meat, grilled meat, ham and cured cheese

4,94 €


Young, dynamic and intense wine, well-balanced  Cariñena, mazuelo, cab. san, merlot, cab. franc   5 months vintage wine in new french, romanian and hungarian barrels  D.O. Empordà   14,5  Red and roasted meat, cured cheese and ibérico bellota ham

7,69 €

Silky wine with good acidity, soft and fruity  Tempranillo   Young wine    11%   Red meat, cured cheese and sausages

4,12 €


Fruity bouquet with notes of strawberry   Syrah, garnacha   9 months of ageing in French Oak barriques    D.O. Empordà  14,5  Red meat, mushroom, cheese

11,14 €


 Fruty, with notes of ripely fruits   Cabernet Sauvignon/ Tempranillo    12 months of ageing in French Oak barriques  D.O. Ribera del Duero  13,5%   Parker 90/ Peñín 91   Meat rice, small game, roast meat, red meat, sausages

9,01 €

19.14 €/l

Sweet pruni wine with shades of almonds, honey, apricots and cacao. Very long ending.   Generous wine. 100% Pedro Ximénez   5 years in American Oak barriques. Ageing in Sills and seams  D.O. Montilla - Moriles   16  PÑ 90  Cabrales cheese, chocolate coulant, nuts

11,87 €

10.26 €/l

Balanced, soft and elegant wine with shades of blackberry and liquorice. Aged in barrels with shades of cacao.   Tempranillo 100%   18 moths ageing. 12 months in barrels and 6 months in bottles. American Oak barriques.  D.O. Rioja  13,5  PÑ 88 (2014). Bacchus de oro 2013  Vegetables, red meat, mushrooms, sausages and cheeses.

6,36 €


Fruity wine with sweet shades, long and persistent  Govar with some ageing, cabernet Sauvignon, tempranillo, syrah    Ageing  D.O. Costers del segre   13,5   Gold medal in the world contest in Brussels   Red meat, vegetables. Iberico bellota ham, duck ham, sausages.  

6,55 €


Fresh and vivacius wine, well balance between fruits and wood, scent and tasty, surronding and with long ending   Tempranillo 100%   Reserve. 16 month ageing in French Oak barriques.  D.O. Rioja   14,5   PK 92  Roasts, iberico sausages, cured cheeses, rices and vegetables.

16,49 €


Shades of ripe white fruits with floral shades. Soft and grasy, good acidity.   Macabeu, Muscat, Parellada   White young wine   D.O. Penedés   11   Appetizers, salads, seafood, foie, rices, fishes/smoked

8,18 €


Fruity wine with bunt notes, of a long and pleasant ending   100% tinta de toro     9 months of ageing in French and American Oak barriques   D.O. Toro  14%    Parker 92   Red meat, roasted meat, stewed, pasta, beef stew

6,40 €


6,53 €


6,12 €


Deep cherry colored red wine with violet tones. It as a clean aroma with fruity nuances of black fruit, dried plum, balsamics and mineral. Wine of elegant personality, tasty and persistent in the mouth.  100% Tempranillo     Aged during 14 months in French and American oak barrels, in an underground cellar at a constant temperature of 12 ºC. Rest of the...

10,33 €


Intense cherry red wine with aromas of black licorice, candied fruit and high quality wood. Of toasted, intense and velvety flavor, with supple tannins giving personality.  100% Tempranillo   Ageing during 24 months in American oak barrels. Afterwards, it remains bottled in a wine underground cellar until it is commercialized.  D.O. Ribera del Duero...

17,27 €


Young red wine of a cherry color with purple rim. In its aroma we can distinguish black fruits such as blackberry and cassis. In the mouth, its flavor is fruity, long, ripe and slightly sour.  100% Tempranillo   Young wine without ageing.   D.O. Ribera del Duero    14º   iberian ham, semicured cheese, oily fish, white meat.

4,71 €

8.98 €/l

Red wine of a cherry color. In its aroma we can distinguish red fruits of blackberries and raspberries, with notes of wood and spices. Balanced and fresh flavour, with sweet tannins.  100% Tempranillo   Ageing during 6 months in American oak barrels in underground cellars of the 16th century at constant temperature of 12ºC   DO Ribera del Duero    14.5º...

5,57 €

10.53 €/l

Der Veiga Naum ist ein einzigartiger Albariño Weißwein mit Geschmack nach Zitrusfrüchte und Frischem Gras. Dieser Weißwein zählt mit der Ursprungsbezeichnung Rias Baixas, der Albariño stammt aus Galizien und ist auch im Rest von Spanien sehr beliebt, sowie in einigen Regionen von Portugal wo es als Alvarinho bekannt ist. 100% Albariño   Weißwein   2014...

6,53 €

23.86 €/l

14,79 €


Ein Genuss für den Gaumen. Immer ein sicherer Wert im Keller.Weintyp: CrianzaRebsorten: Tinto finoUrsprungsbezeichnung: Ribera del DueroWeinkellerei: Dominio de Pingus Zubereitung: Trauben  von Hand geerntet und verarbeitet, natürliche Gärung während 20 Tage ungefähr. Danach Gereift während ungefähr 16 Monate in französische  Allier Eichenfässern.

110,66 €

35.86 €/l

22,23 €

20.66 €/l

A brilliant red intense wine, it turns purple tonality when the wine is closer to the edge of the glass. It’s a balanced wine, unctuous, silky and velvety. With a pleasant and soft taste and delicious sharpness at the end at the same time, with a light flavour to mineral.  Garnacha, Cariñera andSyrah   Aged for eight months in French and American oak...

12,81 €


Wine consistent and good acidity, intense, with shades of red fruits, spices and vanilla.  Tempranillo 100%  18 months in American Oak barriques and minimum ageing of 24 months in bottle.  D.O. Rioja   13,5  Bacchus de Plataº  Rice, meals with vegetables, cheeses, duck and oily fish.

9,06 €


Large and powerful wine with deep ruby color, red fruits. Pure, fresh and clean.  Cabernet Sauvignon, Tempranillo, Tinto Fino   Red wine aged for 24 months or more.  D.O. Ribera del Duero   14%  Parker: 96; Peñín: 95.  Big and small game, red meats, roasts, stews or roast lamb.

285,29 €

9.85 €/l

Fresh wine with balanced, soft body. Ripe fruit, spices and fine wood. Cherry red color with purple flashes. Tempranillo, Mazuelo and Graciano   Aged for 12 months in French and American oak barrels, and later on 7-12 months in the bottle  D.O. Rioja   13,5%   Peñin: 91/100  Mushrooms, Red meats, Game, Roasts, Poultry, White meat, Rice, Iberian and...

6,11 €


Tropical and fresh scents. In the mouth, satiny and fresh. With a good feeling at the end.  Grenache white  Terra Alta  13,5%  Paella, fish, creamy cheese.

8,22 €


Complex aroma with spicy notes. In the mouth, gently structured.   Grenache peluda, Samsò, Syrah   Aged for 8 months  D.O. Terra Alta  14%  Consistent red meats, aged cheeses.

10,66 €


9,05 €

Sweet, with aftertaste of apple, sparkling carbonic where the fruit dominates. Persistent and dry. It was incredibly easy.     Antoni Villamajó.  D.O. Cava   11,50%

4,88 €


Velvety wine, with notes of red fruits and spices   Garnatxa, syrah, merlot, carinyena    Young wine without ageing   D.O. Terra Alta  14%   Appetizers, red and white meat, oily fish

4,38 €
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