1- Preservation and consumption of boned hams

1.1 - Where can we preserve the ham?

We will find different theories about where we may preserve ham, but we actually do it wherever is practical for us. Generally, it is recommended to be preserved in places away from high temperatures, direct sunlight and heating sources. To sum up, the best place to keep it is somewhere as fresh as possible and approachable to cut it.

Here some recommendations:

If the ham is already started: We advice storing it in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight. Avoid storing it near stoves, ovens or heating systems in order to preserve its flavour and aroma. We advice covering the cut with fat or clean kitchen towel, avoiding lint to avoid overdrying meat and better profit the piece.

If the ham is not started: If we haven't start our ham yet, we advice keeping it in a cool and dry place, avoiding hot places and with excessive humidity.

Der Konsum von Schinkenkonsum begann ganz

1.2 - How can we preserve the ham?

Though the maximum consuming time for hams with bone is one year, normally hams are consumed in around 3 months. Actually, ham will continue its natural drying process so if the ham is started some months after receiving it, the product will only be more dried than at the beginning.

In how many time will we start the ham?

If the ham is started just after receiving it: In this case, we advice taking the ham out from the bundle and put it in the ham holder to start slicing it.

If the ham is started a month after receiving it: In this case, you can keep the ham inside de cotton bag in which you received it. A couple of days before consuming it, we advice to get it out from the cotton bag and film so the ham will breathe better and it will be properly dried before consuming it. Don't be alarmed by its smell, it is something normal as it has been inside the cotton bag and the smell at the time to open it will be strong. Hanging the ham is the perfect option, as the ham will be homogeneously aired.

If you will start consuming the ham in around 6 months: If you will start consuming the ham in around 6 months, we advise you to take it out from the bag and the film to let it breathe properly. By this procedure, we will avoid the ham to be excessively humidified and getting mould or gummy. We advice rubbing the ham with oil (olive or sunflower) each 2-3 weeks. Rub it in the driest areas of the ham to avoid overdrying it.

Boned ham consumption recommendations

  • Peel the ham as you consume it.
  • Try not to peel it completely if you are not consuming it all the same day. If you are consuming it all the same day, there is no problem or doing it.
  • If there are slices left over, keep them inside a tupper to avoid them to be in contact with the air and overdry them. 
  • Avoid keeping the ham close to heating sources as oven, stoves or heatings.
  • Keep the ham away from direct sunlight.

wie man ganzen Schinken behält, ohne anzufangen

Empfehlungen Verzehr Schinken ganze Serrano-Eichel

Whole hams and shoulders

2- Sliced and boneless ham preservation and consumption

2.1 - Where and how can be preserve it?

Boneless and sliced hams are more versatile to preserve as they are vacuum-packed. Generally, it is recommended to be preserved in the fridge or any other place with a constant temperature.

Here below, some recommendations:

Vacuum-packed boneless ham

Boneless ham already started: If this is your case, the best thing to do is to keep it in the fridge as its temperature is stable. We advice keeping it in a tupper or wrapping it with plastic film for its preservation and avoiding overdry it.

Boneless ham non-started: The best thing to do is keeping it in the fridge as its temperature is cool and constant. If you decide keeping it outside the fridge, keep it somewhere with a constant temperature and away from direct sunlight. Check the pack doesn't lose its vacuum. If it happened, it has to be consumed as soon as possible.

Vacuum-packed sliced ham

Vacuum-packed started sliced ham: In this case, we advise you to keep it in the fridge, inside a Tupperware or any other recipient with no direct contact with the air, as it won't be overdried. You can also keep it in the sachet in which you received it, properly closed to avoid overdrying it.

Vacuum-packed non-started sliced ham: In this case, the best thing to do is keeping it somewhere dark, cool a dry. If it will take some time to consume it, we advice to keep it in the fridge as it will be preserved longer at constant temperature; but if you are consuming it in a short time, you can keep it outside the fridge without problem.

Sliced and whole sliced hams

More informartion

What can we do if the pack loses the vacuum?

Although it doesn't happen often, the pack may lose its vacuum. How the product will be treated may vary according to how the product will be found. If the product is in good visual conditions, you will have to consume it as soon as possible. However, if we find the ham moulded due to humidity, it is time to clean the damaged parts with oil and a kitchen cloth (you can also use paper towel). If you have more questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

What can we do with ham bone?

The ham bone is the tastiest part of the ham. However, it is also one of the most wasted. If you are going to use it just after finishing the ham, cut and use it to make soups. If you are going to use it in the future, cut it and freeze it using freezing bags to preserve it longer.

Wie konserviert Schinken geschnittene Palettenscheiben

3 - More things to consider at the time to consume serrano and iberico ham

3.1 - Proposals to serve with iberico and serrano ham

Ham is a very versatile food at the time to prepare dishes and starters. Ham has endless consumption possibilities, we bring you some below:

Ham in a toast with natural tomato and extra virgin olive oil

This delicacy is done with iberico or serrano ham, natural tomato and extra virgin olive oil is not a secret. It is easy to prepare, delicious and perfect for any time of the day. With any drink, at any place.

Ham with a cheese board and toasted bread

This is the perfect starter before a meal, with a good beer or wine and toasted bread. Ham combines with every sort of cheese, as well as being the perfect started before any meal with friends or family.

Fried eggs with ham

This plate is elaborated using French fries, fried eggs and ham. Normally it is presented as follows: Firstly, French fries, then a layer of fried eggs and, finally, ham. Add some bread and, ta-dah. The perfect tapa!

Vorschlag Präsentation Schinken iberico Toast Öl

3.2 - Presentation proposals

Slice the ham and place them carefully in a plate, in such a way they would be carefully spread and presented. If you want to serve your ham portion as a real ham master, you may use a white plate. Actually, you can use any plate. Ham experts maintain slices should be placed from inside to outside and the consumption should be done from outside to inside.

Vorschläge Präsentation Jamon Iberico Serrano Scheiben

3.3 - Combinations: Young and soft wines



3.4 - Curiosities