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You can buy chorizo ​​online here. We sell here whole, half, small ​​and sliced ​​chorizo. Chorizo is made with minced meat and pork fat, seasoned with paprika and garlic and stuffed in natural pork casings. Buy different types of chorizo: León's chorizo, Iberian bellota chorizo, chorizo to fry ​​and special bellota chorizo. Chorizo from León ​​is sold in boths sweet and spicy versions. It is a typical chorizo ​​from León, has been made with white pork, smoked and cured in the cold and frost. The Bellota Iberian chorizo ​​is made with Iberian pork and fed on acorns. Lean pork is seasoned with salt and red bell pepper. The Bellota Iberian chorizo ​​also comes from Iberian pigs, but it has fresh pork meat, stuffed in natural casings and seasoned with salt and paprika. Its curing period is longer than that of the rest of the types of chorizo. The choricitos for frying come from León and constitute a fundamental element in Spanish gastronomy. Learn more about the chorizo here.