1. Sausages

Sausages as appetizers are very traditional and it is very easy to see on sandwiches, as well as in starters and snacks. This versatile food is as delicious as worthy all over the world. We tell you more about it.

1.1 Types of serrano and iberian sausages

Sausages are classified according to the following criteria: according to the pigs feeding during its fattening cycle and according to their breed. Those criteria will make the difference between similar kinds of sausages. An iberian bellota loin is different in flavour and quality to a serrano loin. Below, we explain more thorough.


Chorizo is one of the most popular sausages, even in Spain and abroad. It is made with pig meat and fat, stuffed into sausage casing. Moreover, it is very versatile and perfect for starters, dishes or sausages table.

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Lomo is a sausage coming from the back of the pig, marinated and stuffed into natural pig gut. There are different sorts of loin according to the pig's breeding during its fattening cycle and according to its elaboration. Perfect to eat in appetizers and toasts.

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Salchichón is a sausage coming from the pig, done with pig lean meat, fresh lard grounded and spiced. Of a brilliant and intense colour and soft and delicate flavour, this sausage is perfect for snacks, appetizers and starters.

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Cecina (Beef dried meat)

La cecina is done with beef, which has been dried and dehydrated. This meat product coming from León has PGI quality designation (Protected Geographical Designation) not too salty and little fibrous consistency.

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Sobrassada is a different sausage as it served rubbed on bread. It is typical from Majorca and it is done with pig meat, paprika, rosemary, oregano and thyme, giving to the sobrassada its special flavour. This characteristic sausage has the PGI designation (Protected Geographical Indication) and it is very valued in Majorca.

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Fuet is a typical sausage of Catalonian gastronomy, made with minced pork loin, minced bacon, grain and grinded black pepper, salt and crushed garlic. This sausage is one of the most unknown of Spanish gastronomy.

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Other sausages


Natural bacon is a product derived from pork, which has been cured for its treatment. This piece is extracted from the bottom of the pork ribs, cutting it towards the part of the skin, including fat and lean meat.

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1.2 Consume and preservation for sliced and whole sausages

All our sausages are vacuum-packed, independently if they are whole or sliced sausages. Actually this factor will determine both conservation and consumption, but it is not the only one.

If you are consuming the product at the time of receiving it: In case of consuming the product at the time of receiving it (or a while after), you don't need to put it in the fridge. Just avoid placing it in hot places and with direct sunlight. That is to say, any cool and dry place to keep the product in perfect conditions to consume it.

If it will take some time to consume it: If it will take some time to consume it, we advice to place it in the fridge to preserve it at cool and stable temperature.

Learn more about the conservation and consumption of our cured meats and cecina here

2. Cheese

Cheese and ham are the appetizers par excellence. It is perfect to eat with bread, alone or with a bit of olive oil. It is also perfect to serve with other sausages and elaborated dishes. This versatile food in one of the big kings in kitchen thanks to its versatility and the huge amount of varieties it has.

2.1 Types of cheeses

There are different kinds of cheese according to the sort of milk used to make them. Cheeses done with goat milk, cow milk, sheep milk, milk mixtures... Cheese is a world. Types of milk that used in each type of cheese will make the difference among them about flavour and properties.

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Famous manchego cheeses are the most famous Spanish cheeses. Actually, this cheese has the certification of Designation of Origin, giving recognition and protection to the protected products by this D.O. Those cheeses are done with manchego sheep milk.

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tipos de quesos

2.2 Conservation and consumption of cheese

Here we give some useful guidelines about conservation and consumption of cheeses:

If the cheese is not opened, we advice keeping it in the fridge as it is a cool, dry place at steady temperature.

If the cheese is opened, there are different preservation options. In case consuming the cheese regularly and the cheese is cured, you may leave it outside the fridge. In order to preserve it in perfect conditions, the perfect place is some place cool and dry. Furthermore, you may leave it in the fridge, with something protecting the piece from direct contact with the air. Wrap the piece with cling film or put it inside a tupper are the best option at the time to preserve it.

Know more about the conservation and consumption of our cheeses

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