Bud Fuet de Vic Casa Riera Ordeix 200 gr.


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The bud Fuet of Vic Casa Riera Ordeix is a cured sausage elaborated as it was done centuries ago, following the tradition of the best bud fuet of Vic and choosing the highest quality pork meat. It is a fuet of exceptional quality and outstanding aroma and flavour.

With intense flavour and elaborated with natural products, this fuet of Vic is made and dried in a traditional way, distinctive of the brand Casa Riera Ordeix. 

This product is vacuum packed for better conservation and keeping it in optimum conditions.

No preservatives, no lactose, no gluten and suitable for celiac.

Weight: 200 gr.

4,53 €

Price per kilo24,2 €/kg
ManufacturerCasa Riera Ordeix S.A.
IngredientsPork shoulder and lean, salt, pepper, dextrose, antioxidant sodium ascorbate and conservative potassium nitrate. Stuffed in natural casing.
Nutritional valuesEnergy value (100 gr.): 1579.18 Kj / 379.56 Kcal. Fats: 27.16 gr (of which saturated 4.61 gr). Sugars: 2.82 gr. Proteins: 30.96 gr. Salt: 2.2 gr.
Allergens & coNo preservatives, no gluten and no lactose. Suitable for celiacs.

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