Ibérico Bellota Shoulder 100% organic Iberian free from additives- Pata Negra

Ibérico Bellota Shoulder 100% organic Iberian free from additives- Pata Negra


This 100% organic Acorn-fed Ibérico Paleta de Bellota has been cured using sea salt and contains no additives, preservatives, colorings or nitrites, resulting in a Serrano ham that is low in salt and perfect for everyone. In addition, it also has the organic production label, having been produced in an environmentally friendly way.

This Pata Negra 100% organic Iberian Bellta Shoulder without additives has been produced in the area of the Alpujarra, Granada. This production area is characterized by its Mediterranean climate, with mild winters and hot summers. Factors such as the altitude and humidity of the area also affect the quality and characteristics of these pieces. In addition, the feed gives it the characteristic flavor of the Pata Negra Acorn-fed Acorn-fed Pata Negra, with an intense Iberian flavor and fruity touches. Its meat has a dark red color and its fat, between white, pink and transparent, has an unctuous texture and an intense aroma.

It is a product of the highest quality among the Iberian acorn-fed pigs and valued all over the world as one of the great gastronomic treasures.

Origin: Granada

Curing: +24 months

Feeding: Acorns and pasture. See types of ham.

Consumption: Cut in small thin slices and serve at room temperature.

Preservation: See here how to preserve the 100% organic Acorn-fed Ibérico Paleta de Bellota without additives - Pata Negra.

Ibérico Bellota Shoulder 100% organic Iberian free from additives- Pata Negra

Ibérico Bellota

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Data sheet

Ibérico 100%
More than 24 months
Bellota: Fed with acorns. Top quality ham certified.
Part of the pig
Shoulder - Foreleg
Price per kilo
42.8 €/Kg
jamones de juviles
Ibérico Bellota and sea salt
Nutritional values
energy value: 1465KJ/352KCAL fat: 24 g saturated fatty acids: 8.6 g carbohydrates: 0 g sugars: 0 g protein: 33 g salt (from sodium)
Allergens & co
gluten free
Wrapped in vegetable paper, cotton cover and decorative mesh. In a rigid cardboard box.

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We select the ham at its optimum curing process when we receive your order. Then it is packaged for optimal preservation during transport: wrapped in gift paper breathable, a cotton cover, a decorative mesh, and a inside a reinforced hard cardboard box so that it arrives in perfect condition.

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