Joselito Gran Reserva Ham 7-8 Kg (Gift Box) - WHOLE
Joselito Gran Reserva Ham 7-8 Kg (Gift Box) - WHOLE

Joselito Gran Reserva Ham 7-8 Kg (Gift Box) - WHOLE

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Joselito Gran Reserva ham is considered the best ham in the world. Joselito ham comes from the area of Salamanca.

The pig has been fed only on natural fruits and grasses. The only ingredients used in its production are pork and salt. It contains no preservatives, chemical additives, gluten or lactose, which makes it a 100% natural ham, suitable for everyone.

Joselito ham is unique in flavour and characteristics. Its flavour is mild, delicate and slightly sweet. Its shank is long and slender and the meat is shiny, between red and purple in colour. Its fat is unctuous and melts on the palate, aromatic and fluid, with an intense and long-lasting flavour. The percentage of fat is higher than other hams, one of the reasons why it is so good and has such an intense flavour, an incomparable ham!

In addition to the ham, this box includes a Joselito Cutting Board and a Cutting and Preservation Manual. Enjoy the Joselito Gran Reserva Ham (Gift Box) 7-8 Kg WHOLE, along with the necessary accessories for proper cutting and preservation. 

Origin: Salamanca
Curing time: +36 months
Feeding: Acorns and pastures
Producer: Carnicas Joselito S.L.
Consumption: Cut into small thin slices and serve at room temperature.
Conservation: See here how to preserve the Joselito Gran Reserva Ham

To know more about the Joselito Gran Reserva pieces here

Other formats:   Boneless . Sliced 

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Joselito Gran Reserva Ham 7-8 Kg (Gift Box) - WHOLE


Data sheet

Salamanca (Spain)
Part of the pig
Ham - Hind leg
Joselito hams are rich in proteins and contains vitamin B1, iron, zinc and magnesium. Without chemical additives.
Price per kilo
93.75 €/Kg
Carnicas Joselito S.L.
Ham and Sea Salt
Nutritional values
Energy: 1,476 KJ / 355 Kcal Protein: 29.6g Carbohydrate: 0g Fat: 26.3g Saturated Fat: 8.1g Monounsaturated Fat: 15.5g Polyunsaturated Fat: 2.7g Dietary Fibre: 0g Salt: 3.7g
Allergens & co
Free gluten. Free lactose.
Wrapped in vegetable paper, cotton cover and decorative mesh. In a rigid cardboard box.
Pack content
Joselito Cutting Board and Cutting and Preservation Manual

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Joselito Gran Reserva Ham 7-8 Kg (Gift Box) - WHOLE

Joselito Gran Reserva Ham 7-8 Kg (Gift Box) - WHOLE

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