Everything you should know about your ibérico ham is on its label

Labeling regulations of the Iberian ham were changed to protect and distinguish the origin and elaboration of the different types of ham and to give the consumer an idea about the qualities of the product, creating a specific identification system we explain below.

The seal is the plastic seal the ham carries. On the other hand, there is the label or vitola that is usually placed under the seal.

information ham label breed feed

The following information about the type of product must appear on the label:

  • Ham or shoulder
  • Pig feed:
    1. Bellota.
    2. Cebo de Campo
    3. Cebo

(As we can see, the recebo option has been replaced by Cebo de Campo).

  • Purity of the breed:
    1. 100% Iberian
    2. Iberian. (75% or 50% Iberian Race).
  • Name of the certification company.

We must verify the information detailed on the label matches with the information provided by the seal. Those are the types of labels:

  • Black label: 100% iberico bellota Ham.

  • Red label: Ibérico bellota ham. It must be specified if it is 75% or 50% Iberian breed.

  • Green label: 100% ibérico cebo de campo ham or Ibérico cebo de campo ham. It must be specified if it is 75% or 50% Iberian breed.

  • White label: 100% ibérico de cebo ham or ibérico cebo ham. It must be specified if it is 75% or 50% Iberian breed.

From now on when we see pata negra certification we should know that it can only be used for 100% ibérico bellota hams.

Currently, control systems have been strengthened to confirm that labels and seals information actually correspond to products. This new cataloging system has promoted the conservation of the Iberian breed and the production system around the pasture. The role of the genealogical book has also been reinforced, which becomes the only way to prove Iberian breed purity.

In addition, the Current Regulation in Force also regulate the facilities where the breeding of animals is carried, which from now on must be a minimum of 2m² for animals which weight is more than 110 kilograms.

In short, when we buy a certified piece of ham or shoulder we are buying a quality guaranteed product.

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