How to use of the fat of the Iberian ham?

how to use fat iberian ham

We will start with the basics: not all fat is valid. You should only use the one that is closer to the lean meat. Never use the yellowish part that surrounds the ham since it has a sour taste and it will spoil your meals.

  • Try using the fat of the Iberian ham as a substitute for the bacon in stews, potatoes and meat or a simple sauté of vegetables.

  • "Chicharrones". Cut the fat and heat it in a pan. Once the fat is released, you will obtain some delicious snacks may be eaten or added to salads.

  • "Paint" with the melted fat of the Iberian ham a simple grilled pork steak, you will give it a sublime touch.

  • Mashed potatoes or vegetables, try using the melted fat ham instead of butter. And you can use that oil to make “croutons” (fried bread), which you can add to other meals.

  • Scented oils, exquisite for toasts. You can get iberico bellota ham oil by cooking on slow heat the white fat (500 g of ham fat, 100 g of water and 300 g of olive oil). In addition, if you still want to add even more flavor, you can add a small sprig of rosemary, or any other aromatic herb to taste inside the pot where you will keep it.

  • Finally, although this option is not edible, we will tell you that there is a cosmetic alternative, making soaps (like those of a lifetime) from the fat of the Iberian ham.

This is an example of how to introduce this product in a contemporary recipe, from the book Kitchen with Joan Roca. (Ed. Planet)

Steam bread rolls with lard

  • Ingredients (for 4 people):

20 steamed bread rolls(Chinese bread). 15 g of fresh cucumber. Optional: shisho leaves

  • For the stuffing:

400 g of fresh lard. 400 g of water. 125 g of soya sauce. 75 g brown sugar. 40 g leek.

75 g onion. 1/2 cinnamon stick. 2 g ginger. 5 black peppercorns.

  • Preparation:

- We put all the filling ingredients with the vegetables cut into small pieces in a pan.

- Cover the pan with a circle piece of baking paper as a lid. We cook it during 1 hour and let it to cool in water.

- Onceit is cold, we cut the lard into 50 g pieces and prepare it to heat in the oven or in the microwave.

- Reduce the remaining sauce in the pan until it is dense and cool it.

- Heat the lean and put it when it is still hot in the steam bun along with a couple of cucumber slices and the meat sauce.

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