03 jul, 2020

Club Jamonarium, the private gourmet club

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Club Jamonarium is the new gourmet and Iberian products club created by Jamonarium. By joining Club Jamonarium, you can receive promotions and exclusive benefits only for club members. We will send you a maximum of one or two emails per month and you can cancel your subscription at any time.

We have been experts in Iberian Bellota ham, pata negra and serrano for over 40 years. We are lovers of good gastronomy and we want to share our products and our findings with our clients. Belonging to Club Jamonarium is a sign of trust in us and in our products, always offering the best quality at the best price.


club jamonarium iberian ham gourmet

What are the advantages of being part of Club Jamonarium?

  • Exclusive promotions of ham and other exclusive products on our website.

  • Exclusive products, not included in our catalog. These products are only available to Club Jamonarium members.

  • Special and exclusive gifts for Club Jamonarium members.

  • Exclusive content. This exclusive content like videos and downloadable content.

Our commitments to partners

- You become a member by being Jamonarium’s Client

- You can cancel your subscription any time.

- We will only send you one or two emails per month.

- Top quality products, as always.

- You will like to belong to the Club. Guaranteed.

There will also be more surprises and exclusive content for Club Jamonarium members that will be available soon.

If you want to receive special offers and exclusive content, click here.