How to slice a shoulder


Don't you want to buy a shoulder because you're not sure about how to slice it?

Don’t worry, we understand your questions. And, although it may seem that its cut is made similar to that of ham, when we are ready to slice a shoulder, we will find very different characteristics. This will make the task even more complicated, since remember that in itself, cutting ham is an art that not everyone dominates. Nothing happens, we are more than happy to explain how.

Where from shall we start slicing a shoulder?

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As you know, the shoulder is the front leg of the pig while the ham is the hind leg. It is like comparing it in ourselves, a leg (ham) and an arm (shoulder). The placement of the bones in the ham will make a "T" shape, while in the shoulder they will have an "S" shape. The approach, therefore, will be different.

To get better performance, we recommend to start it from the babilla. That is, placing it in the ham holder with the hoof facing down. You must have on hand the necessary material: to clean the excess fat and the crusts, you will need a lace edging, and once the lean is exposed, you will need a ham knife to slice it.

Then, make a mark on the bone and begin to cut the first slices forward, from the hoof to the outside. The first cuts will be small, it is normal, but as you go forward you will get longer ones, especially try to make the slices as thin as possible and not exceed 5 cm long. And as a precaution, to avoid possible cuts, the hand that does not have the knife should always be behind it. We recommend placing in a spiral or circle, from the outside in.

Remember also, save the largest pieces of fat and crust removed in the beginning, so you can use it in the conservation of the area you have started.

Once you have finished with the babilla, the most complicated part will be finished, you have already enjoyed half of your shoulder!

You must keep in mind that one product is not better than another, they are simply different. Knowing these differences in depth will help us know how to make the most of them.

We hope we have helped you cut your shoulder. See you soon!

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