19 mar, 2019

Is the cheese rind edible?

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Today we are going to tell you more about the rind of the cheese and our opinion about if it is edible or not.
When cheeses are eaten, we may doubt if the rind is eaten or not. We have the answer: it depends on how it has been prepared. We clarify it.

edible cheese rind natural treated

Cheese rind which is edible

The cheeses with edible rind are those which rind has been formed naturally during the production period. If these cheeses have long curing times like Manchego cheeses, they have to be brushed frequently for the best curing of the cheese.

In some cases the cheese rind may be the most tasty part and will make the tasting experience better as happens with brie cheese. It may happen rinds naturally made have too bitter taste. Those rinds are not usually eaten, although they are suitable for consumption.

If you are interested in the types of rinds may be eaten, here is a short list: Bluish gray mold rind cheeses, cheeses with soft and white rind (Brie cheese), semi-soft blue cheeses with white rind (Roquefort or goat cheese), cheeses with hard and tough rind (Manchego or Parmesan) and semi-soft cheeses with brushed rind after develop mold (Edam or Havarti.)

Cheese rind which is not edible

Cheeses with non-edible rind are those that have been made artificially and they have been made using cooked or pressed paste. Those rinds have been treated using waxes or paraffins, suitable for food as they do not release toxins in the food. These artificial rinds have the aim to control its humidity and maturing conditions, as well as protect it from the development of microorganisms.

Artificial rinds are protective, so they are treated with chemical anti-mold to avoiding becoming bad to consume. These types of rinds may be of different colors (usually red, yellow or even black), with a shiny appearance and must be removed for consumption.

In conclusion, you have to consider what type of rind the cheese has. If it natural, you can eat it. But there are those who prefer removing it because it gives a very strong flavour to the cheese.

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