18 dic, 2020

How long a vacuum-packed Iberian ham may be preserved?

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Recently we talked about the date of expiration of Iberian ham and the advantages of its vacuum-packaging.

Today, we will talk more in deep about the conservation time that this type of packaging allows us.

As we know, the whole piece (not started), will last around a year but everything will depend on the curying point. Once started, this period will be significantly reduced depending on the environment in which the ham is located and the pace of consumption.

With sliced ibérico ham when vacuum packed, we can establish a concrete expiring date, which is 6 months. This period will vary depending on the pressure exerted at the time of sucking the air in the envelope. In fact, when you buy freshly sliced ​​ham sachets, you can ask them to seal them to your need.

For example, if you are going to consume it immediately, you will not need to suck all the air. However, if they seal the container with more pressure, your ham will be prepared to last longer.

how long preserved vacuum packed ham

How does vacuum packaging affect to the preservation of ham?

Vacuum-packing has nothing but advantages, the food maintains its texture and flavor since there is no oxidation, and the hygiene of the product is complete. You can comfortably transport your Iberian ham and store it in your pantry at room temperature, without needing the space a whole piece of ham would need.

If the weather conditions in your area do not allow you to keep the ham outside due to high temperatures, vacuum-packing you will have the alternative by keeping it in the fridge, but remember that, in this case, before consuming it you will have to leave it outside the fridge some time to recover its ideal temperature and sweat.

And you, are you more than buying the whole ham leg or do you prefer sliced ​​sachets?