15 jun, 2020

Ham from Trévelez

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Trevélez ham come from Granada and has the PGI distinctive (Protected Geography Designation.) Those hams and shoulders come from white pigs, or the famous "jamón serrano".

PGI Jamón de Trevélez has been conformed in 1862 after the recognition given by Isabel II of Spain. By those days, the city council was giving certificates in order to authenticate its origin, making the same function than the current Regulation Council of the Protected Geography Designation. Nowadays, those hams are elaborated in Sierra Nevada and Alpujarra.

jamon de trevelez igp granada


The Protected Geography Designation "Jamón de Trevélez” is placed inside the province of Granada, in the area of "la Alpujarra". Towns conforming this PGI are placed at 1,200 metres oversea as average altitude, where we can find Trevélez, Juviles or Pórtigos, among others, placed in Sierra Nevada Natural Park.

The climate of this area has very cold winters and hot summers, making this area perfect for its elaboration, maturation and drying of the ham.


Breed: Landrace, Large-White, Duroc Jersey and its crossbreeding.

Feed: Vegetal feeds, based on cereals

Control and identification of hams and shoulders with PGI Jamon de Trevélez: The pieces included on PGI "Jamón de Trevélez" will have a guarantee label, given by the Regulation Council in order to protect the piece. The label will have a number, which may be withdrawed at any process time if needed.

There are 3 cathegories according to the minimum cured period and weight of ham already slaughtered. Elaboration period is between 14 and 20 months according to the following classification:

Cathegory 1: 14 months production period and blue label.
Category 2: 17 months production period and red label.
Cathegory 3: 20 months production period and black label.

Main features

Weight: Between 7 and 9 kilos
External appereance: with hoof and rounded shape.
Colour: The meat is shiny red and fat is yellowish, infiltrated in the muscle mass.
Flavor: Delicate and not-salty meat flavour. Oily fat and pleasant to the palate, making this ham very special.
Fat: Yellowish, brilliant and of a shiny aspect.