Why consuming iberico and serrano sliced ham in summer?

why consuming sliced iberico ham summer

Keeps its properties

Preserving sliced ​​Iberian and serrano hams is the best option, especially during the summer months. With the vacuum-pack, the ham will keep its juiciness and fat levels almost intact. We will avoid from the ham to sweat, so it loses the fat that protects it and we avoid that it spoils too early.

Does not come into direct contact with the air

As happens with whole hams, when the slices comes into contact with the air, it dries out and may eventually spoil. For the ham to be kept in perfect condition, it is advisable to keep it away from the direct contact with the air or with external agents. You can leave it in the vacuum-pack tightly closed, although there are also other options such as a tupper.

Conservation and consumption

Given the high room temperature in summer, if the ham is out of the fridge it may sweat a lot and become dehydrated more easily. For its conservation, it is advisable to keep it in the fridge as its temperature is constant and we may keep it longer. When you go to consume it, take the portion to eat out from the fridge a few minutes before.

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