02 abr, 2020

Wird die Wurst fett?

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Like everything, if consumed without moderation, the answer is they may have unfavorable effects on our weight and other repercussions for the body. The reason is its high fat, sodium and calcium content which will make it easier for us to retain fluids and become swollen. In addition, they will increase our blood pressure, damaging our blood vessels and consequently, our brain, heart, liver and eyes.

Wurst Mast Schinken Salchichon Fuet Chorizo

What benefits can sausage have in our body?

But not everything is bad, quality sausages can also offer benefits to our body. Among the minerals provided and will help our body to work properly, such as potassium, phosphorus, iron or vitamin B12. The best and healthiest options are ham, either serrano or cooked, and turkey breast. In all these cases, 10% of total fat is not exceeded.

  • Cooked ham: if it is of quality and is made directly from whole hams. There should be no presence of jellies, flours and additives.

  • Cured, serrano or Iberian ham: it also has a very low percentage of saturated fat. Although it can be very caloric, its unsaturated fatty acids are very useful for fighting cholesterol. In the choice between ham and shoulder, the first will always have less fat.

The rest, we refer to the loin, fuet, chorizo ​​or sausage, should be consumed from time to time. However, they can be included in the diet as long as they are combined with proper physical exercise. Remember that the best cold sausages are those that meet the binomial low proportion of fats and more protein.

That said, it is undeniable that sausages are deeply rooted in our gastronomy and that they are not usually missing in family events, so do not run away if they are put on a tray or do not feel bad about enjoying them. The key, as always, is not to abuse.