09 mar, 2021

Wine to go with Iberian Ham

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Ham is a product that we can enjoy without anything else. Its flavor is so authentic and pleasant satisfies it. It is perfectly combinable with the drink that you prefer, but there are some combinations that will help us sublimate the nuances of its flavor, such as a good wine. Today, we bring you different suggestions to differentiate between two types of pairing, accompaniment and contrast pairing.

wine go iberian ham red white

  • Accompaniment pairing:

We refer to the union that is obtained when we combine red wine and ham. With this fusion you can mix both flavors in one. Sometimes the intense flavor of the wine may detract from some nuances of the flavor of the ham that we are tasting.

  • Contrast pairing:

It is achieved thanks to white wines and champagnes, since with each sip you clean your palate and enjoy each slice of ham exclusively, thus preventing the flavors from coming into conflict.

White wines that best fit with the ham are those that already have some aging and whose texture has already settled. The most recommended are fine white and chamomile wines. It is convenient to get away from young, rosé and fruity wines, since their flavor may reduce the aromas of hams in the palate.

Combination with cava is the latest culinary trend. Cava is a drink very similar to champagne but unlike this, it is produced in Spain, mostly in Catalonia.

To taste the most of your Iberian ham with cava, the recommendation is to consume it with some cava low in sugars such as Brut or some other with more aging time.

You put the options on the table, the last choice depends on you. Of course, remember that you choose the drink you choose, it is essential to accompany your Iberian ham with some good bread sticks may help cleaning the aromas in each bite.

Enjoy it!