16 jul, 2021

Oro de Bailén: A new project for an Extra Virgin olive oil with centuries of history

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Today's story is a curious one, Oro de Bailén. We will tell you how great things can be achieved, with professionalism, good quality ingredients and a firm purpose, like being awarded with the distinction of the Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the World.

The Beginning 

The history of Oro de Bailén, starts with a family related to the manufacture of bricks as main activity, but with a strong commercial vision that helps them to see in time, that in the olive oil market, there was a small gap to produce Extra Virgin olive oil of the highest quality. 


Said and done, they set out to undertake this new and exciting project, in which they would control all phases of production from their farms "La Casa del Agua" and "Los Juncales", to its elaboration and bottling. In order to be able to take care of each stage with care and provide the consumer with an Extra Virgin olive oil of the highest quality as is Oro de Bailén

From the first moment, their professionalism and good work become a philosophy of life, not only to sell their Extra Virgin olive oils, but also to teach the different types of olive oils according to their variety, harvest time or tastes, so that the consumer learns to pair olive oils depending on their use in cooking.

oro de bailen evoo history


The key: the elaboration

Only 2 hours after harvesting, the olives arrive at the mill, where they are visually inspected and cleaned of impurities. The olives are always beaten cold and for a very short period of time, retaining all their aromas and fruity flavors. 


From there, they will be centrifuged to separate the liquid part: “alpechín” and oil, from the solid part: stone and pulp. They are then subjected again to a vertical centrifugation, to extract the oil from the “alpechín”, and therefore, obtain the precious liquid gold. 


Oro de Bailén, the best extra virgin olive oil in the world.

With a luminous bright green color, the Extra Virgin Olive Oil Oro de Bailén in its Picual variety, obtained 95 points out of 100 in the Evooleum World's TOP 100 Extra Virgin Olive Oils contest.

Its intense fruity flavor of fresh olives and its wide range of herbaceous and fruity aromas, where almond, banana and green tomato stand out, had no rivals.


In Jamonarium you can find this and the other varieties of Oro de Bailén Extra Virgin olive oils: Hojiblanca and Arbequina. In addition to their other option, Casa del Agua is excellent for cooking. 

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