Cecina is a type of dehydrated meat similar to ham of a Spanish origin, but made by curing beef, equine and less frequently goat meat, and even rabbit, donkey, ox or hare meat. In Spain, there are two Protected Geographical Indications of this product: Cecina de León, extracted from the cow and cecina from Vegacervera, extracted from the goat (baby goat). Today we will focus on the cecina de León for being the most popular.
The acorn (in Arabic ballūta, holm oak) is a characteristic fruit of the Quercus trees, among which are the holm or the cork oaks, and, in addition, it is a common product in extremadura pastures.
Don't you want to buy a shoulder because you're not sure about how to slice it? Don’t worry, we understand your questions. And, although it may seem that its cut is made similar to that of ham, when we are ready to slice a shoulder, we will find very different characteristics. This will make the task even more complicated, since remember that in itself, cutting ham is an art that not everyone dominates. Nothing happens, we are more than happy to explain how.
We call pasture to the forest in which the holms, oaks, corks, and gall oak coexist. This habitat exists mainly in the southwest of the Iberian Peninsula, and extends over an area of over 2 million hectares, of which almost half are located in Extremadura. It consists on a specific flora associated with these tree species, and some peculiarities of the land that make it an ideal place for the breeding of the Iberian pig.
We have already talked about how to pair the Iberian ham, and there are certain drinks that will help extol all the nuances of flavor that this delicacy may offer us. Well, today it's the turn for the rest of sausages. If you want to know how to properly combine chorizo, sausage or loin, read on. Let’s start!
Today we talk about an Iberico ham that proclaims itself as the best as "The Best Iberico Ham in the World". Different chefs such as Ferran Adrià consider it a source of inspiration. José Gómez's company has stood out over the years for quality and attention to detail. We are talking about a fully established brand like Joselito. But what makes these hams so popular?
The answer is complicated. It is true that wine can make wonders in your mood and science suggests that it may be beneficial for our heart, your brain and your muscles, and even have properties that help you fight against cancer. We are not doctors but we know you are interested, so we have compiled a few interesting studies about wine for you to evaluate for yourself.
If you like olive oil as much as we do, surely you already know that today we are talking about a different extra virgin olive oil. Only some extra virgin and organic olive oils have been distinguished with the award that has been given to Parqueoliva. Undoubtedly, a recognition of the elaboration and tradition of a family to an almost ancient tradition.   The Parqueoliva oil mill is located in the Sierras Subbéticas Natural Park, found between Jaén, Córdoba and Granada.
This time we are talking about one of the towns of the Sierra de Tramuntana: Sóller It is known thanks to its landscapes and to the origin of the Mallorcan sobrasada. Sóller is located in the Sierra de Tramuntana. This town has views to the sea and to the mountains. You can walk across its numerous areas surrounded by olive, almond and orange trees, as well as enjoying its mountainous areas.   One of the most traditional ways to visit Sóller is from its railway. It has been making the...
Today we will talk about one of our most popular Gourmet products: anchovies. More precisely, we will talk about anchovies de L'Escala. It receives the name of the town where its factory is located, at the Costa Brava.   L'Escala is one of the Catalan towns known for its long seafaring tradition. In addition, we are talking about a village opened to tourism without forgetting its origins. For centuries, already from the arrival of the Greeks and the Phoenicians in the area, this...
If we talk about the history of Rincon de la Subbética we have to talk about its oil mill, Almazaras de la Subbética. It belongs to a cooperative with more than 60 years of experience.   Since its beginnings, it has opted for specific values: Maximum quality, respect for the farmer, care for the environment and offering a product that achieves a maximum degree of customer satisfaction.   To be faithful to these values ​​has become a benchmark for extra virgin olive oils worldwide, giving...
Preserving an Iberian or Serrano ham that is not yet started, it is best to keep it upright, in a dry, dark and well ventilated place. This is how it is usually placed in the cellars during its drying and maturation process, since this position allows the fat of the piece slipping towards it when the pieces sweat. This is known as “chorrera”.
The cheese is one of the foods that already in the time of the Greeks was considered a delicacy of gods. It has a multitude of varieties that leave no one indifferent. You can taste it alone, with nuts and grapes, with a good wine ... you know for sure how and with whom you would enjoy a good cheese right now. But, would you know what you have to do to keep it in perfect condition longer time? If you have questions, do not worry, we leave you some recommendations.
As you know, when you start slicing a ham leg, the fat has been removed is useful to preserve the piece while you are consuming it, as a natural wrap. Did you know you could give it many more utilities? "Everything but the squeal", and it is definitely right! Today, we give you ideas to include the fat of the Iberian ham in your recipes. You will see the change will surprising.
Today we will talk about the story of the most well-known iberian ham in the world. If you like everything related to this delicacy, you know about the brand and the place we refer to. Jabugo has a magic flavor: that of 100% Iberico ham. This has been achieved thanks to many years of work and dedication of a hundred-year-old house: Cinco Jotas.
The experts confirm the price of Iberian ham is rising and it may double in 5 years. It is undeniable that we, as producers are fascinated by this product, especially at Christmas, a time in which we share it with ours. But we are not the only ones who have seen in the Iberian ham a delicacy, this and other reasons are behind an unstoppable rise. We tell you!
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Are you a lover of Iberian products? Do you live in Zurich or wherever in Switzerland and want to buy ham, sausage, cheese, oil and more Iberian products? Buying your Iberian or Serrano ham or shoulder, Iberian sausages, cheeses and more products is very easy with Jamonarium.
Many customers often ask us which ham is better, the Iberico, Duroc or Serrano. Normally we would say that the Iberian is better since it is more expensive, but that is not exactly the case. We are going to try to explain their differences so that you can choose your best ham.