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Balsamic, fresh and persistent. Deep and defined acidity. Final with a hint of oak.

1.jpgTempranillo 90%, Graciano 7% y Mazuelo 3%

1.jpg   26 months in American oak barrels

1.jpg D.O. Rioja

1.jpg  14,2%

1.jpg Peñin: 90/100; Parker: 88/100 

1.jpg Iberic ham, soft cheeses.

buying BOX x6 - Marqués de Riscal Reserva, D.O.Ca. Rioja

Data sheet

La Rioja (Spain)
Vinos de los herederos del Marqués de Riscal S.A.
Iberian ham, poorly cured cheeses.
26 months in American oak barrels
Price per litre
22.53 €/l
Designation of Origin
D.O. La Rioja
Grape variety
Tempranillo 90%, Graciano 7% y Mazuelo 3%
Type of wine
750 ml

The Duck Foie Gras bloc Greco comes from ducks raised in the area of the Landes, France. This foie gras is made without preservatives or additives, and is suitable for celiacs. Thanks to its artisan production, its preparation by hand and the best raw material we can obtain such a high quality foie gras.

This foie gras has two important French quality labels: Label Rouge and IGP Landes. It is recommended to take it alone or with a little bread and a touch of black pepper, it is a real delight.

We recommend taking this Duck Foie Gras bloc Greco without jams, accompanied by a light and aromatic white wine.

buying BOX x6 - Foie Gras Greco Bloc (125g), IGP Landes

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Data sheet

Les Landes (France)
Price per kilo
178 €/kg
Greco Foie Gras
Foie gras from the Landes, 15% water, salt, pepper and spices.
Nutritional values
Energy value: 2051 Kj / 498 Kcal, Proteins: 6.8g, Fats: 51 g (of which saturated 22g), Carbohydrates: 2.2g (of which sugars 2.1g), Salt: 0.3g
Allergens & co
Without preservatives or colorants. Suitable for celiacs.
Label Rouge
Designation of Origin
IGP Landes
100gr aluminum can.

Salchichón de Vic cular stuffed with truffles Casa Riera Ordeix is a sausage that has been cured and elaborated following the traditional preparation of the sausage of Vic. Afterwards black winter truffle is added, which mixed with natural dry brings an extraordinary taste.

The creation of the recipe of this sausage with Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) since 2002, dates back more than 160 years ago. The meat used comes from farms of the brand and the natural drying, provides the salchichon with an unparalleled flavour and aroma.

The Salchicón of Vic cular is presented wrapped in paper certifying its origin.

Salchichón without preservatives, without lactose, without gluten and suitable for coeliacs.

Weight: 300 gr.

Data sheet

Vic (Spain)
Price per kilo
93 €/kg
Casa Riera Ordeix
Noble parts of pork (ham, bacon and lean pork), sea salt, black pepper, black truffle and natural gut.
Nutritional values
Energy value: 1521 Kj / 363.52 KCal, Fat 25 gr. (of which saturated 9.3 gr.), Carbohydrates 2.4 gr., sugars 1.9 gr., protein 34 gr., salt 3.4 mg.
Allergens & co
Free gluten, lactose and preservatives. Suitable for coeliacs
300 gr.
Vacuum packed

The 100% Iberico Bellota Cinco Jotas (5j) Jabugo ham sliced by hand 80g comes from the area of Huelva. The pig has been fed exclusively with acorns and natural pastures. Its curying period is long, which makes it of a very high quality. These hams have been cured in the area of Jabugo (Huelva) where the hottest summers make this ham of an intense flavor and an incredibly juicy texture. The meat is of intense red color and the fat is soft and transparent.

The Cinco Jotas (5J) Jabugo Ham is of an exceptional quality, unique among the 100% Iberico bellota pata negra. The caña (shinbone) is thin, with an inferior percentage of fat infiltrated than other bellota hams, and it has a fruity strong  aroma. An exceptional 100% pure Iberico Bellota ham!

Origin: Jabugo (Huelva)

Curying: +34 months

Feeding: Acorns and pastures.

Producer: Sanchez Romero Carvajal

Data sheet

Jabugo (Spain)
Ibérico 100%
More than 36 months
Bellota: Fed with acorns. Top quality ham certified.
Part of the pig
Ham - Hind leg
Price per kilo
373.75 €/kg
Peso neto
80 gr
Sánchez Romero Carvajal
100% Iberian acorn-fed pork ham, sea salt, antioxidant E-301, acidity corrector E-331 (iii) and preservative E-252.
Nutritional values
Energy value (calories): 350 Kcal / 1458 KJ, Proteins: 32.5 g, Carbohydrates: -0.8 g, Total fat: 24.1 g (saturated 6.68 g), Sodium: 1.6 g
Allergens & co
gluten free
Vacuum packed

Cured Cheese El Galán sheep's milk, D.O. Manchego - PORTION has an approximate maturation period of 6 months.

It is a Manchego cheese due to the characteristic flavor of dry cheese, which is provided by raw sheep's milk and its long maturation period.

We advice consuming this cured-dry cheese Viriato Gran Reserva as appetizer or as starter, included in a high-quality gourmet cheese board and salads. It is also perfect to be served in tapas with a good Spanish wine.

Data sheet

Castilla la Mancha (Spain)
Price per kilo
31.36 €/kg
Lácteos Toledo S.L.
Pasteurized milk from La Mancha sheep, salt, stabilizer: calcium chloride, preservative: lysozyme (contains egg), rennet and lactic ferments. Inedible rind (in rind: preservatives e-235, e-202; colors e-150a, e-160b).
Nutritional values
Energy value: 1649 Kj/398 Kcal, Fats 34g (of which saturated 22g), carbohydrates: 1g (of which sugars 0.5g), proteins: 22g, salt: 1.6g
Allergens & co
Milk and lactic ferments
Kind of milk
Sheep milk
Vacuum packed

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