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We present some proposals of our Christmas hampers. In Jamonarium we personalize your company baskets so it is a great gift. We sell hampers with pieces of Iberian and Serrano hams, packs for slicing the pieces with ham, knife and sharpener, wine, extra virgin olive oil, assorted sliced Iberian sausages and packs with gourmet preserves here. See more info about presents and Christmas baskets.

Buying Christmas hampers is easier than ever. It is a perfect option to give away products of different types at once, presented in a gift box and adapted for transport. Perfect to give to friends, for gifts you want to make for workers of your company or to give it as a gift in a wedding. A basket with ham is the perfect gift because everyone likes it, it is very healthy and perfect to share, as well as lasting during a long time in good condition. If you need advice, Contact us.