DO Jabugo (Huelva)

DO Jabugo (Huelva) 

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The Ham 100% Ibérico puro Bellota Summum DO Jabugo (Huelva) Pata Negra is a ham of the highest quality 3 years curing time. These hams are cured in the area of Jabugo (Huelva). This area has warm summers, making hams of strong flavor and juicy texture. Their meat has colours from deep red colour and transparent white fat. The "caña" (Shinbone) is thin and...

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The 100% pure ibérico Bellota Shoulder Summum DO Jabugo (Huelva) pata negra is a shoulder of the highest quality, more than 2 years cured. These shoulders are cured in the area of Jabugo (Huelva), where warm summers make hams and shoulders of strong flavor and juicy texture. Their meat colour is deep red and its fat is transparent white. The "caña"...

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