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The Lobster pate by Agromar is a creamy and tasty pate for appetizers and tapas. It has a high content of lobster, more than 40%. We recommend to serve chilled on thin toast and with white wine from Rias Baixas

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The Agromar common Scallop (Vieira) paté is a delicious appetizer with the best seafood and fish from the Bay of Biscay. Soft texture and intense scallops flavor. We recommend spreading on toast bread and serve with white wine Rias Baixas

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29.5 €/kg

The Spider crab pate 100g is a delicious snack made with ingredients selected by Agromar. We recommend serving the pate chilled on a thin toast with smoked salmon or anchovy.

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29 €/Kg

The Smoked Salmon pate by Agromar is a creamy and tasty pate for appetizers and tapas. With high content of salmon.  Ingredients: smoked salmon (40%), fresh salmon, margarinevegetable, milk, eggs, spices and salt.We recommend to serve chilled on thin toast and with white wine from Rias Baixas.

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