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Our Iberian Ham Bellota 50% Iberian breed is one of our best-sellers and one of our best-valued products by our customers.
This bellota ham stands out for its good value for money and, above all, for its flavor and juiciness.

Enveloping aroma, intense flavor, reddish tone, with multiple infiltrations of fat that enhance the flavor and provide the texture of the best Iberian pork.

Long curing in traditional dryers of more than 3 years. Guaranteed ham and totally recommended for lovers of good Bellota.

Difference between a 50% and a 100% Iberian Bellota.

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Data sheet

Ibérico 50%
More than 36 months
Bellota: Fed with acorns. Top quality ham certified.
Part of the pig
Ham - Hind leg
Tasting note
Intense flavour and incredible aroma with small pink fat layers which helps appreciate better the fabulous texture of this masterpiece.
The texture of the fat is homogeneous and creamy. If we take a small amount of fat between two fingers and rubbed it melts easily.
Price per kilo
Peso neto
100 gr.
Iberian pork ham, salt, sugar, acidity regulator (E-331iii) and preservatives (E-250, E-252).
Nutritional values
Energy value: 334 Kcal Saturated fatty acids: 10.87 gFats: 19.85 g Carbohydrates: 0.3 gSugars: 0.2 gProteins: 38.64 g / 100 g Chlorides: 4.82%
Allergens & co
Free gluten. Free lactose.
Vacuum packed

The traditional Catalan dried sausage is one of our most popular and valued products, this fantastic cured sausage is made with top quality lean meat, stuffed into natural casings and marinated with salt and pepper. The traditional Catalan dried sausage has been cured in natural drying rooms in the darkness until the optimum point is achieved. This dried sausage has been made in Balaguer (Lleida), this territory offers exceptional weather conditions which allow us to obtain a unique product. 

We recommend: To cut the dried sausage into thin slices and serve with slices of toasted bread with extra virgin olive oil.

Origin: Balaguer (Lleida)

Weight: 300 Gr.

Data sheet

Lleida (Spain)
Price per kilo
Embotits Bi-Her S.A.
Pork lean, salt, pepper, milk protein, potato dextrin, lactose, wine (contains sulfites), antioxidant (E-316), coloring (E-120) and preservative (E-252). Stuffed in natural beef gut.
Nutritional values
Energy value 328 KCal / 1621.4 KJ, Proteins 33.2gr, Carbohydrates 6gr (which sugars 3.67gr), Fats 25.4gr (which saturated 7.49gr), Salt 3.8gr.
Allergens & co
Free gluten. Contains lactose and milk protein.
300 gr.
Vacuum packed

The variegated scallops in scallop sauce are one of the most popular seafood types from Galicia, these molluscus are similar to scallops but have a smaller size. This product is accompanied by a scallop sauce which has been handcrafted with natural ingredients. The Variegated scallops Dardo are a natural source of protein and they have a low percentage of saturated fats.

We recommend to enjoy the Variegated scallops accompanied by fresh bread and a cup of red young wine Somontano.

Buy Variegated scallops in scallop sauce Dardo box

Gourmet cans

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All our gourmet preserves are shipped so that they can keep all their juiciness, flavor and aroma until you consume it. It is shipped in a hard cardboard box and strapped tape to ensure transport.

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conservation consumption iberian bellota chorizo

Information on conservation and consumption of our products. Instructions on how to preserve and consume our gourmet preserves.

See more information on preserving and consuming our gourmet preserves here.

Data sheet

Galicia (Spain)
Price per kilo
28.69 €/Kg
Peso neto
115 gr.
Conservas Dardo S.L.
Scallops, soybean oil, concentrated tomato, bell pepper, onion, water, spices and salt
Nutritional values
Energy value 245 KCal / 1015 Kj, fats 22 gr (of which saturated 3.5 gr), carbohydrates 1.8 gr (of which sugars 0 gr.), Proteins 10 gr, salt 0.55 gr, omega 3 (EPA + DHA) 520 mg / 100 gr.
Allergens & co
It contains seafood
Drained weigth
70 gr.
Tin can of easy opening of 115 gr.

Matured Ronkari cheese - portion is made with raw latxa sheep's milk and it is coming from Navarra.

This cheese has Designation of Origin Roncal. Together with the type of milk that has been used in its preparation, they make this cheese unique.

We recommend taking the Ronkari sheep's milk cheese as an aperitif or starter, as part of a high-quality cheese board or in salads with gourmet cheese. It is also ideal to serve alone with a good glass of wine.

Data sheet

Navarra (Spain)
Price per kilo
30.5 €/kg
Raw Sheep Milk, Rennet, Dairy Cultures, Salt, Egg Lysozyme
Nutritional values
Energy value: 1998 Kj/ 478 Kcal, fats: 41.5 g (of which saturated 27.3 g), proteins 26.1 g, carbohydrates 0 (of which sugars 0)
Allergens & co
Milk and Egg
6 months
Kind of milk
Raw sheep's milk
200 gr.
Vacuum packed
Designation of Origin
D.O. Roncal

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil Mas Tarrés DOP Siurana is the result of the cold extraction done to Arbequina olives, is a typical oil well balanced with fruity touch and slightly nutty flavor.

The optimal care of olives and hand picking olives in the optimum ripeness, allow to obtain an exceptional quality product.

Tasting Note: The smell of green apple and grass are perceived. In the palate we can distinguish sweet fresh fruit taste with a hint of pleasant bitter. In both nose and mouth we can perceive clearly a fruity green olive.

We recommend to put it into salads and any recipe where olive oil is the main ingredient.

Awards: The Extra Virgin Olive Oils Más Tarrés Arbequina is considered among the best fruity Arbequina olive oils in the world in 2020 and the Mario Salinas quality award. In addition, it has received many more recognitions for its quality throughout the last decade. Learn more about Mas Tarrés olive oils here.

Origin: DOP Siurana.

Variety: Arbequina

Capacity: 500ml.

Packaging: Glass bottle.

buying mas tarres arbequina evoo buying

Data sheet

Mont-Roig del Camp (Spain)
Tasting note
Medium-intense green olive fruit, with aromas of freshly cut grass and green apple, and shades of tomato and artichoke. Almond flavor with bitter and spicy finish.
Olis Solé S.L.
Nutritional values
Energy value: Calories 3700 Kj / 900 Kcal. 100gr fats (of which 15gr saturated, 75gr monounsaturated, 10gr polyunsaturated). It contains negligible amount of carbohydrates, sugars, proteins and salt.
White fish and seafood, raw or cooked vegetables, salads, gazpachos and preparation of all kinds of dressings.
Olive variety
100% Arbequina
Extra Virgin
Green with golden nuances
October - November, semi-manual
PDO Siurana, Extra International
Price per litre
31.8 €/l
Designation of Origin
DOP Siurana
500 ml glass bottle

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