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The Iberico Bellota Ham, 100% Pata Negra Iberian breed, has been produced in Castilla y León and its curing period is 36 months. This pure Iberian piece is obtained from the hind legs of the Iberian pig raised in freedom, these being larger and elongated. It is the noblest part of the pig and is characterized by less fat. Castilla y León is one of the...

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The Bellota (acorn) 100% pure Iberian shoulder "Pata Negra" - DO Dehesa de Extremadura is obtained from the forelegs of the Iberian pig raised in freedom, being these usually quite large and elongated. These shoulders require considerable curing time, above 24 months. As a result we obtain the product of the highest quality. The color of the flesch is...

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Buy hams from Extremadura. Pieces of ham and shoulder 100% pure Iberian acorn from the area of Extremadura. Learn more about hams from Extremadura here.