16 nov, 2018

Wo fange ich den Schinken an?

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There are several theories about how to start slicing ham or shoulder. Is it better to start slicing from the maza or the contramaza?  Which are the pros and cons? Some people ensure that starting the ham with the hoof downwards is perfect for domestic use. But, is this true?

The truth is that it depends on how long you will take to consume it and the type of use you are doing, it is advisable to start the ham from a different side as we will see below.

Starten Sie schinken vorderschinken maza contramaza

Advantages and disadvantages of starting the ham from the contramaza (narrow and drier part):

Advantages: We will enjoy our piece with the ham tender for a longer time. We will be eating from the driest to the most tender part, so it will be kept in optimal conditions longer. In other words, we will be able to make the most of ham as we consume from the narrowest to the widest or, what is the same, from the driest to the juiciest.

Disadvantages: Since it is the driest part of the ham, it is possible to think the ham is overdry, as well as being more careful when covering the cut. If you start the ham from the contramaza, we recommend covering the cut with fat or the ham itself to avoid excessive drying.

Advantages and disadvantages of starting the ham from the maza (widest and more tender part):

Advantages: This is the widest part of the ham with more fat, so the ham will be very juicy when eating it. While consuming this part of the ham, you will enjoy a tender, juicy ham very tasty.

Disadvantages: As the maza will be very tender when consuming the ham, the area of ​​the babilla or contramaza may be too dry since as it has less fat and is less protected. Contrary to the flavor of the maza, the flavor of the ham that is in the area of ​​the babilla may be too salty, and the area may be wasted.

There are theories of all kinds depending on which part of the ham we will start slicing. We recommend to start slicing from ​​the babilla since we are going to make the best of all the parts of the ham and it will be tender for a longer time.