22 ago, 2019

Entferne ich das Fett im iberischen Schinken oder sollte ich es essen?

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Today we want to explain more about the benefits of Iberian ham fat in our health.
Some years ago, there was the idea that the fat of the Iberian ham was harmful to our health. However, it actually has many benefits to our organism.

We know it: do not remove the fat from the Iberian ham.

Three reasons to eat fat from the ham

iberico Fettschinken essen oder entfernen

Better flavour and texture

The main reason to eat ham with a little fat is that it is better. A little fat in the ham slice makes it juicier and the taste is more intense. This is especially recommended for Iberian Bellota hams, which fat is especially sweet and tasty.

Contributes to our cardiovascular health

The fat of the ham is very rich in oleic acid or "good cholesterol". This contributes to our cardiovascular health by increasing good cholesterol levels; one of its functions is to protect our heart from future pathologies. This means it also has a regulatory function in our body as it reduces bad cholesterol in our blood. At a nutritional level, more than 50% of the fats from the acorn belong to oleic acid and this type of fat is the healthiest according to the experts.

Protects and prevents against neurodegenerative diseases

According to a recent study done by the University of Salamanca, the intake of iberico bellota hams with the fat, contributes to ageing delay and gives protection to our organism against neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer or Parkinson. Many studies state that a healthy and balanced diet is a key piece to prevent those diseases. Fat of Iberian hams is rich in omega 3, folic acid and vitamin E (among many other nutrients), which protects against neurodegeneration. These compounds are very good for our nervous system and contribute to a good health in the brain, as well as exercising as antioxidants.

In conclusion, ham fat has multiple and powerful health benefits, as well as providing flavour and texture. Take some slices of Iberian ham with some fat, your body and your palate will thank you.