Chorizo from León (not spicy)


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The Chorizo from León is made from smoked, cured pork meat. It’s dark red colour and it has a characteristic strong aroma.
Its intense flavour and strong texture is typically from the Castilian countryside, the Chorizo from León is valued and well known all over the Spanish geography.

Presentation in a horseshoe, with attached ends and connected by a wire so that they can hang on the poles where the smoking process is done.

Presentation: vacuum packed
Weighing: 500g. approx.

6,32 €

13.9 €/kg

Data sheet

OriginLeón (Spain)
Tasting noteTypical and characteristic of the cured and smoked product.
Price per kilo13.9 €/kg
ManufacturerEmbutidos Manolo S.L.
IngredientsLean pork (63%), fat (32.28%), paprika (3%), common salt (1.5%), Garlic (0.01%), oregano (0.01%), (0.2% ADDITIVES): dextrin, Dextrose, Protein pork, conservative (sodium nitrite E-250).
Nutritional valuesEnergy value: 443.6 kcal / 1836.3 KJ, Protein: 21.70 gr. Fat: 39 gr (saturated: 14.35 gr), Carbohydrates: 1.40 (sugars: -0.5), Salt (sodium): 2.50 gr
Allergens & cogluten free
ColourCharacteristic, without strange colorations.
PresentationVacuum packed

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Chorizo from León (not spicy)

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Information and curiosities about Iberico Bellota chorizo. The types of chorizo ​​there are, how they are made and the whole process until they are ready to be consumed.

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