Snow Crab in Natural, Los Peperetes
Snow Crab in Natural, Los Peperetes

Snow Crab in Natural, Los Peperetes

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The Snow Crab in Natural, los Peperetes emerges from the cold waters of the North Atlantic and the Arctic Ocean. Its meat, white with a touch of bright orange, offers a fresh, sweet, and slightly salty flavor, reminiscent of seawater.

Unlike the king crab, the Snow Crab in Natural, los Peperetes stands out for its moderate size, offering a more compact but equally delicious version. Its tender and juicy meat, with subtle notes of sweetness and a salty touch, makes it a palate pleaser.

To pair Snow Crab in Natural from Los Peperetes, we recommend accompanying it with a dry white wine or a sparkling wine, which will enhance its fresh and salty flavors. Additionally, snow crab in natural lends itself to a wide variety of culinary preparations. You can enjoy it in fresh salads, pasta with butter and lemon sauce, or even in delicious homemade croquettes.

Artisan Galician Preserves with our selection of snow crab in natural. A gastronomic experience that will make you feel like you're on the northern coasts.

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Snow Crab in Natural, Los Peperetes


Data sheet

Galicia (Spain)
Price per kilo
232,5 €/Kg
Peso neto
120 gr
Snow crab legs and meat (crustacean), water, and salt
Nutritional values
Per 100 g of drained product Energy value 76.9 kcal / 321.96 KJ FATS 0.6 g Saturated 0.1 g Carbohydrates 1.9 g Sugars 0 g Proteins 16.1 g SALT 0.6 g
Allergens & co
May contain traces of molluscs or crustaceans
Drained weigth
95 gr
Tin can of easy opening of 118 gr.

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Snow Crab in Natural, Los Peperetes

Snow Crab in Natural, Los Peperetes

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