Pack x2 Cheese - DUO VIRIATO - Cremoso & Gran Reserva

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Pack content

Cured Cheese El Galán sheep's milk, D.O. Manchego has an approximate maturation period of 12 months.

It is a Manchego cheese due to the characteristic flavor of dry cheese, which is provided by raw sheep's milk and its long maturation period.

We advice consuming this cured-dry cheese Viriato Gran Reserva as appetizer or as starter, included in a high-quality gourmet cheese board and salads. It is also perfect to be served in tapas with a good Spanish wine.

Data sheet

Castilla la Mancha (Spain)
Price per kilo
28.9 €/kg
Grupo TGT
Pasteurized milk from La Mancha sheep, salt, stabilizer: calcium chloride, preservative: lysozyme (contains egg), rennet and lactic ferments. Inedible rind (in rind: preservatives e-235, e-202; colors e-150a, e-160b).
Nutritional values
Energy value: 1757 kJ7424 Kcal, Fat: 36g (of which saturated 24g), carbohydrates 1g (of which sugars 0.5g), proteins: 24g, salt 1.8g
Allergens & co
Milk and lactic ferments
Kind of milk
Sheep milk
3.000 Kg
Vacuum packed

Artisan Herencia 1605 Aged Cheese, D.O.Manchego WHOLE is a delicious option for cheese lovers.

Its clean, elegant and fruity aroma, with hints of leather and wool, invites you to taste it. It offers a palate full of nuances that can be enjoyed with every mouthful. It is distinguished by its pleasant oily sensation of olive oil and a slightly floury graininess.

Its intense and smooth taste at the beginning, but with a long persistence in the mouth, is combined with an elegant acidity and clean animal aromas.

The very pleasant spicy aftertaste that appears at the end, accompanied by notes of nuts such as lightly toasted hazelnuts, makes it a unique experience for the palate.

Undoubtedly, an excellent choice for any special occasion.

Data sheet

La Mancha (Spain)
Price per kilo
33.89 €/Kg
Terra Selecta
Raw Manchegan Sheep's Milk, Lactic Ferments, Lamb Rennet, Salt, Lysozyme (Egg Derivative) and Inedible Rind (Preservatives E235 and E202)
Nutritional values
Raw Manchegan Sheep's Milk, Lactic Ferments, Lamb Rennet, Salt, Lysozyme (Egg Derivative) and Inedible Rind (Preservatives E235 and E202)
Allergens & co
Sheep's Milk And Eggs
Minimum 7 Months
Kind of milk
Raw Sheep Milk
2,9 Kg
Designation of Origin
La Mancha

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Information on conservation and consumption of our products. Instructions on how to preserve and consume the whole cheese and wedges.

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