Duck foie gras block with Pedro Ximenez Imperia (130gr)


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The Bloc of Duck Foie Gras Imperia natural with sweet Pedro Ximenez wine. It contains duck liver from  selected farms in Riudellots de la Selva, Girona, .

It features a powerful entry into the palate and a stay in the mouth soft and delicate.

Its texture and flavor exepcional gives it a versatility in the kitchen and service.

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ManufacturerProgust S.L.
IngredientsDuck fatty liver 93%, water, raisins, Pedro Ximénex 1%, salt, white pepper, conservative E-250 and antioxidant E-300
Nutritional valuesEnergy value (calories) 1823Kj / 442Kcal; 45g fat, saturated 20g; 4.6g carbohydrates, 3.5gr sugars; 5.3g proteins; salt 1.8g
Allergens & cogluten free

The Iberian cebo ham is the hind leg of an Iberian pig. Traditional production process and curing period for more than 24 months, makes our ham a top quality one in its type. (Types of Spanish ham) This ham is so special because the Iberian breed of the pork and its drying process. Its flavour is strong and juicy with a fruit touch. We select the hams in...

202,97 €

The block Goose foie gras Mas Parés nature is a delicacy for the gourmet palate. The Foie gras goose is a fine product made from goose liver, it is considered a gastronomic delight which is highly prized and valued by gourmets around the world. It has a Surprisingly delicate texture, perfect for foie gras lovers. Tin 135gr.

17,18 €

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excelente servicio y volveré a comprar con ustedes.
Juan V. el día 10/08/2014Muchas gracias, esta buenísima, excelente servicio y volveré a comprar con ustedes. My buena la paleta y les deseo lo mejor en su negocio que se lo merecen.

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