Today we will tell you about sobrasada La Luna, from Sóller in Mallorca. A traditional sausage is 100% ecological because it does not contain any type of additives. It is one of the most appreciated brands in Mallorca and we love it too.

Keep reading and discover more about the sobrasada, its history, its preparation, its curiosities or how you can enjoy it with a recipe.

1. History of sobrasada La Luna


The history of sobrasada La Luna begins in another century, when its founder Don José Aguiló Pomar founded the company Embutidos Aguiló, which would dedicate itself to the production of this sausage professionally.

The success was overwhelming, his commercial brand “La Luna” serves all over Mallorca without exceptions, and of course they would reach the peninsula, northern Africa, and the closest French coast. His journey would not stop there, the sobrasada La Luna would reach Cuba and Puerto Rico, taking advantage of the nostalgia of the Mallorcan emigrants who would end up in these lands.

Nowadays, Embutidos Aguiló is a recognized company that works with the most updated technology and also has facilities approved in terms of health by the European Community. They are the living example of how tradition and modernity can be combined, and become the identity of a region.

Among the various products they make, in addition to their traditional sobrasada and that made with black pork, we can find different patés.

2. Preparation of sobrasada La Luna

We know that part of the culinary essence of the Mediterranean resides in the pig. The normal or spicy sobrasada manages to capture the essence and turn it into a wonderful flavor.

It has something in common with some great discoveries: they happened by chance. In the sixteenth century, they still had to think very well how to keep food for longer. The idea arose of creating a lard that would serve to preserve pork. The paprika will be added a century later and will give the red color that is a distinctive sign of its personality.

For its preparation, minced black pork meat is selected. It is mixed with tap de cortí (an original paprika from Mallorca). It is introduced into the clean intestines of the animal, compacted and closed with a string of thread. The curying time will be completed in around 2 to 3 months.

A curiosity: to recognize spicy sobrasadas, they are usually tied with a red rope.

3. PGI of Sobrasada La Luna

Sobrasada de Mallorca obtained the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) in 1993. To be recognized as Sobrasada de Mallorca, it must be a cured raw sausage made with minced pork, specifically with the lean part and bacon, and seasoned with paprika, salt and spices. Kneaded manually or mechanically, stuffed and cured until obtaining the required characteristics of the product.

Depending on the breed of pig, we can find two varieties:

  • Sobrasada from Mallorca. Those that are made from pork of all breeds.

  • Sobrasada de Mallorca with black pork. Those produced with the best selected Mallorcan pork meats, which have been both raised and fattened on the island in an extensive or semi-extensive regime.

What should these animals be fed? The black pig's diet is usually based on grasses, figs and carob beans, as well as cereals and legumes.

The Regulatory Council of the PGI Sobrasada de Mallorca through its numbered back label confirms that all sobrasada is protected under its quality seal, as is the case of sobrasada La Luna.

It is also synonymous with trust since it guarantees that the product has been subjected to various controls that validate its quality.

PGI sobrasada la luna black pig mallorca

4. Characteristics of sobrasada La Luna


In order for Sobrasada de Mallorca to obtain the seal of quality, once its curing process is finished must present the following characteristics:

Regarding its external part, its natural wrapping is its own guts, therefore, its shape will tend to be cylindrical and irregular. Externally it will have a dark red color, smooth or slightly rough. Unlike other sausages, There is no presence of mold.

Due to the paprika, it will have a reddish external and internal appearance. In this case, with a texture that will remind us of marble. When opening it, we should find a cohesive paste, easy to spread and containing few fibers. As for its flavor and aroma, the presence of paprika will clearly predominate.

You can find the sobrasadas from Mallorca in different formats, the most common is to do it in whole pieces without wrapping or wrapped in a material that ensures their protection.

The sobrasada that Majorcans love is the sobrasada of a lifetime, that is, the one made with pork, lots of paprika and that's it. Traditionally made in the same way and in that way in the La Luna with its own traditional recipe.

But if you have doubts because you are not accustomed to sobrasada, you can rest assured about the quality of the product that you are going to consume through the guarantee of the inspections of the Regulatory Council, of which we have spoken before and that assure you of the origin and the product quality.

characteristics sobrasada mallorca igp back pig

5. Conservation of sobrasada La Luna


You should remove it from the container and hang it in the traditional way, in a cool place and without direct light.

When hanging, a fatty juice may “sweat”. It is a normal process, as well as you can develop mold. This is due to the loss of fat, and nothing happens, you just have to wash the skin when it happens.

If you do not have a place to hang it, you can also keep it in the refrigerator, although keep in mind that to consume it as it should be, you have to remove it from it, at least an hour before. After all, it is made of fat, and it will only achieve its creamy state when it is at room temperature. Another recommendation, better buy it in portions.

To know more about the conservation and consumption of our sausages here

conservation sobrasada la luna igp

6. Recipes with sobrasada La Luna

The recipes in which you can find sobrasada are very varied.

You can simply enjoy it on a slice of bread, or find it inside some ensaimadas. Its flavor has an important role to lovers of contrasts, sweet-salty. But today, we are not going to innovate too much and we are going to leave you a typical Mallorcan recipe:

Cuttlefish with sobrasada


1. The size of the cuttlefish will depend on the people for whom you are going to prepare the food. To give you an idea, 1 kg of cuttlefish will serve 4 people.

2. You should cut it into small pieces to make it easier to soften.

3. Meanwhile, in the pan, sauté a chopped whole onion and 200 gr of crushed tomato.

4. When the onion is cooked (that is, when it has lost its whitish color), add the cuttlefish, and move it to release water.

5. Finally, add a glass of white wine and the sobrasada, and stir until the cuttlefish has just turned tender.