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Buy hampers with whole hams and shoulders here online. We sell lots with Iberian bellota hams and shoulders and Bellota Gran Reserva, Cebo and Serrano Iberian hams. We can also customize your Christmas hamper and assortment of varied products according to budget, product type, number of people. hampers of ham and shoulder ham to send to Spain and Europe. These lots also include ham holders, ham knives, sharpeners, tweezers, wines and assortments and customized hampers. If you need a budget or advice to prepare and assemble your Christmas hamper, contact us.

Mix product pack

Buy assorted hampers online. We sell assortments of products with hams, shoulders and Iberian and Serrano sausages such as chorizo, lomo and sliced ​​sausages. Gourmet preserves, fish and seafood pâtés and extra virgin olive oil. We can also make a basket of customized assortments according to budget, product type and number of units. An assorted batch of assorted products is the perfect gift for friends at a wedding, for family gatherings and workers in your company as a Christmas batch. We send our batches of assortments and tasting assortments to Spain and Europe. If you need an advice or a budget, do not hesitate to contact us. Find out more about Christmas baskets here.


We present some proposals of our Christmas hampers. In Jamonarium we personalize your company baskets so it is a great gift. We sell hampers with pieces of Iberian and Serrano hams, packs for slicing the pieces with ham, knife and sharpener, wine, extra virgin olive oil, assorted sliced Iberian sausages and packs with gourmet preserves here. See more info about presents and Christmas baskets.

Buying Christmas hampers is easier than ever. It is a perfect option to give away products of different types at once, presented in a gift box and adapted for transport. Perfect to give to friends, for gifts you want to make for workers of your company or to give it as a gift in a wedding. A basket with ham is the perfect gift because everyone likes it, it is very healthy and perfect to share, as well as lasting during a long time in good condition. If you need advice, Contact us.

This pack contains 4 sachets of iberian acorn cured-meat and iberian acorn shoulder ham so you can enjoy different bellota delicatessens. Iberian Bellota spanish shoulder ham Pata Negra (sliced) Bellota Iberian Chorizo (sliced) Bellota Iberian Salchichon (sliced) Bellota Iberian Lomo (sliced) Total weight 400 gr.

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Pack content:Bellota Iberian Lomo (sliced) Chorizo iberico Bellota (sliced) Bellota Iberian Salchichon (sliced)

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The seleccion of Spanish cheeses is a Jamonarium pack of our best cheeses. The assortment contains six cheeses (portions or small whole pieces) of our best cheeses. We recommend the selection of Spanish cheeses for lovers of quality cheese. It is perfect for preparing cheese boards, tapas and snacks. Ideal to accompany with a good red wine.

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"Ham Types"  Pack. This value pack can taste different kinds of ham to find the differences in taste and texture. It also allows you to discover the difference between ham and shoulder.Composed of 5 bags of 100gr easy open: Iberian Bellota pata negra Spanish ham (sliced) Iberian pata negra Spanish ham (sliced) Serrano Gran Reserva spanish ham (sliced)...

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Buy hampers and baskets online. We sell hampers and baskets of varied products, ideal to give to family or friends here online. Hampers with Iberico, serrano and Pata Negra whole, boneless, sliced and whole sliced hams. Assorted hampers with cold cuts such as chorizo, lomo and sausage, cheese or wine. They may also include accessories such as ham holders, knives and sharpeners, and other products such as oils and preserves of gourmet seafood and fish pates. Christmas hampers and baskets of various products are perfect to give to your company's employees, for a wedding to family and friends or as a Christmas gift. They are assorted of varied products at the best price and perfect for any occasion. See more about Christmas hampers and gifts here.